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Make sure you know the content.

Schedule B

Time: One half hour to Two hours per session each day depending on student's ability to focus EXCEPT on Sunday when you may decide to modify the schedule because of the day's activities.

Sessions: As many as it takes to cover the material. Each project (songs, games, other activities) should take a minimum of twenty minutes to accomplish.

Rewards: Should not be necessary on this schedule but if it becomes necessary rewards should follow the sessions and be given only if the student assumed proper responsibility in his or her assignments.



Look over the lesson plans, quiz, activities and Read With Janae for Schedule B of the sixth lesson. Make notes about what it is that you are expected to accomplish each day of this week. Look at everything in the menu that pertains to lesson six, schedule B.

Practice all the songs.

Make sure you allow enough time during the day to accomplish what you are expected to accomplish each day.

If you DO NOT finish what all is expected for THIS week, please continue working on these same lessons NEXT week.


Follow the lesson plans, quiz, activities and Read With Janae for Schedule B of the sixth lesson and work on handwriting.

For each of the following days of the week, follow the lesson plans, quiz, activities and Read With Janae for Schedule B for lesson six in the menu, mapped out for each of the days and work on handwriting. Be sure to have presented all of the handwriting tips by Saturday even if review is still needed.

Finish each day's assignment. Do not put off today's classwork until tomorrow because your load will only be twice as hard to complete and you want all the activities of this lesson to finish by Saturday.


  1. Each day do ALL that is suggested for you to do in Lesson Six.
  2. Check every part of Lesson Six EACH day.
  3. Don't skip any part of it.
  4. Do ALL of it if you want to see results!
  5. It is YOUR responsibility to do ALL OF LESSON SIX EACH day whenever possible!

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