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Bill and Janae Cooksey

USA Reading School: Math Lessons


This program is put together to help you, the homeschooling parent, learn how to teach your child before he reaches school age. It is designed to give your child a jump start before he enters the world of education and it should help him keep good grades as he progresses through school because he will have learned the basics early on in life.

You will want to be patient with your child and make the learning experience as much fun as possible. As you present the material, tickle, laugh and make your voice change to different dramatic levels, as if you were playing "kitchey koo" with your kitten.

If your child just doesn't seem to grasp the content, remember he is still in a growing mode and may not be developed enough to comprehend what you are trying to teach. If that is the case, wait a couple of weeks and try again. Wait and try as many times as it takes. By this method, you will find the opportunity to begin teaching when it is a most productive time, and your child is ready to learn. Until then, please be patient. You want your child's early experiences to be positive ones.