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Each time you add a number to count, you will want to go back to the beginning and start counting with one so that you are constantly repeating that which you've already taught.

Count with your fingers.

Count with all the household items you can find around your house i.e. peas, beans, jellybeans, M & M's, hairpins, ribbons, dolls, toy cars, toy soldiers, marbles, etc.

Take lipstick and put little dots on your face, yours and your child's, for counting one through eight. Then count them again when you are ready to wash off the dots from your face.

Paint eight of your fingernails, leave your thumbs unpainted. Count each fingernail as you paint it: one, two, three.... eight.

With a marker make boxes on your paper. Put a line in the box with number 1 beneath it. Put two lines in the box with number 2 beneath it. Put three lines in the box with number 3 beneath it. Do this until you have 8 lines in a box with number 8 beneath it.

Take your hole punch and construction paper. Punch out holes, as you did in last week's plan 4-5. This time count in groups of eight.

When you have counted in groups of eight for about a week, begin counting "9" and "10". Click here to go to the next level.