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                 Handwriting Analyst Report for
                    Eman Guberchov on 01/16/2004

                        Physical & Material Drives

       Eman appears to be a moderately energetic person. As long as
  her energy resources are not tapped too frequently, she will have
  enough energy to meet her needs and face the challenges which
  confront her.

       There is a difference between Eman's public image (her
  signature) and the way she really is (her text sample).

  Based on her signature: Based on her text sample:

                         Emotional Characteristics

       Eman's feelings are typically moderate in intensity, so when she
  gets really upset about something, she is usually able to calm down
  and let go of her anger in a reasonable length of time.

       Eman is responsive and tender, though she may also be slightly
  moody. Her emotional state is affected by the moods and feelings of

       There is a difference between Eman's public image (her
  signature) and the way she really is (her text sample).


                            Intellectual Style

       Eman's analytical mind helps her to break a problem into its
  parts and deal with each item separately.

       Eman usually notices details, but she may occasionally forget or
  not take the time to consider all the particulars of an idea or

       There is a difference between Eman's public image (her
  signature) and the way she really is (her text sample).


                            Personality Traits

       Eman is modest and sticks to the basics without fanfare or
  frills. She is proud of the heritage of her family, and identifies
  with many of the traditions and values which her family and culture

       Eman is fairly patient and not inclined to become overly
  frustrated when she is forced to wait. Sometimes she has trouble
  getting herself to do the things which need to be done because her
  willpower wavers.

       Eman is adaptable for the most part, and is able to accommodate
  to changing conditions. She is able to adapt to varying external
  pressures and force herself to do the things that need to be done.
  She is versatile and many-sided. She is not rigid or prescribed in
  her behavior. She has carefully cultivated her sense of taste and
  exercises good judgement in aesthetic matters. She is self-reliant
  and trusts that she will be able to make it on her own.

       There is a difference between Eman's public image (her
  signature) and the way she really is (her text sample).

                              Social Behavior

       Eman fluctuates between needing social contact and needing to be
  alone. At times, she enjoys socializing and wants to have others
  near her, but at other times she needs to be alone and recharge her

       Eman wants to insure her privacy and selectively determine who
  will get to know her. Fear of self-exposure can cause her to conceal
  facts but not, necessarily, to lie. She wants to protect her image,
  so she may not mention facts which detract from the way she wants to
  be viewed. She is moderately interested in communicating clearly,
  but occasional carelessness or self-involvement may cause
  miscommunication and misunderstanding.

       Once in a while, Eman's feelings will get hurt when her personal
  appearance is criticized; but, there are times when she won't let it
  get to her. When her abilities or her performance are criticized,
  she is able to maintain a sense of dignity and poise rather than
  letting her feathers get ruffled. She is warm-hearted and able to
  put herself in someone else's shoes without going overboard. She
  doesn't feel apologetic about being who she is naturally and doing
  things her own way.

       Eman doesn't usually develop dependent social relationships.
  Her independence allows her to establish, maintain or break off
  contact when she chooses to.

       There is a difference between Eman's public image (her
  signature) and the way she really is (her text sample).

                          Vocational Implications

       Eman is equally at home with the brainstorming phase of an
  operation as she is with implementing plans once the operation gets
  rolling. She is able to jump into the middle of new projects. It is
  not important to her to be with the project from the beginning.
  She doesn't like to waste time, and she can become frustrated when
  people are late for their appointments or when she is unable to be
  efficient in her use of time.

       Eman has difficulty organizing her work and often appears to be
  disorganized. She is able to remember important specifics, and would
  do well in occupations which involve attention to detail.

       Eman rarely expresses excitement about her work and generally
  appears to lack enthusiasm. She has to exert conscious control in
  order to complete the projects she begins. She is faced with the
  temptation to go onto something new before she finishes what she is

       Sometimes, Eman sets goals within her reach. At other times,
  she sets longer-term or unrealistic goals. She has experienced both
  success and disappointment, so confidence in her ability to
  accomplish her objectives can fluctuate. She is able to benefit from
  a constructive evaluation of her work and d