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                    Handwriting Analyst Report for

                      Eman Youkhuma on 04/27/2004





                      Physical & Material Drives


     Eman doesn't value physical or material pleasures (gourmet food,

luxurious surroundings, etc.), so she doesn't put any energy into

finding them.  She is restless and needs to be on the go.  She has a

great capacity for an active, varied life. 



     There is a difference between Eman's public image (her

signature) and the way she really is (her text sample). 


Based on her signature:            Based on her text sample: 

---------------------------------  --------------------------------- 


She is an intense person with a    She appears to be a moderately

lot of vitality and a zestful,     energetic person.  As long as

exuberant attitude.                her energy resources are not

                                   tapped too frequently, she will

                                   have enough energy to meet her

                                   needs and face the challenges

                                   which confront her. 


She spends her money cautiously    She enjoys sharing her resources

and rarely offers to share it      with others and helping them

with others.                       meet their material needs. At

                                   the same time, however, she may

                                   be wasteful and not use her

                                   resources to their best






                       Emotional Characteristics


                Eman seems to be independent in many ways

                from the influence of her parents, as she has

                the ability to make decisions on her own and

                is not dependent on past influences to assist

                her in the responsibility of her actions today.


                Eman also exhibits that she may have a bruised

                ego, having been emotionally hurt at various times

                in the past.


                When Eman signs her name, she shields herself

                from the world in that she subconsciously puts

                herself under a protective covering, especially

                when it comes to her first name which is her

                given name.



                Eman, at times, can be a master of all trades but a master

of none.  She has the tendency to be a rebel without a cause, unpredictable

and often changing direction.  She is exciting to be around, highly spiritual

at times, and very sympathetic to the cause of others.  Eman is inventive,

innovative, able to diversify.  She has the unique gift of being able to

spread herself thin and remain creative at the same time.  Eman is able to

inspire great changes in the world.  While undisciplined in some ways,

she is versatile and original.  Highly talented, this no common sense person

can exhibit a lot of affection and then pull back with no explanation.  She

is profoundly a non-conformist who enjoys being curious.  While she has difficulty

accepting routine, Eman views the world from many different directions.


     There is a difference between Eman's public image (her

signature) and the way she really is (her text sample). 


Based on her signature:            Based on her text sample: 

---------------------------------  --------------------------------- 


Her emotions are very close to     She releases her emotions to

the surface.  She can get upset    varying degrees under varying

easily, and she has difficulty     conditions.  Because she is

being objective when she is        being pulled in different

upset.  She may feel nervous       directions, she may experience

because she is afraid that she     tension and conflict between

might lose control of her          keeping her feelings in and

emotions if something were to go   letting them out. 



Moments of hate, love and joy      Her feelings are typically

affect her deeply and continue     moderate in intensity, so when

to affect her after the            she gets really upset about

experiences have passed.  She      something, she is usually able

may hold grudges because she has   to calm down and let go of her

a hard time forgiving and          anger in a reasonable length of

forgetting.                        time. 


She believes that things will      The trait at the left was not

work out for the best in the       found in the text sample. 

long run.  At the same time,

however, she is trying to

control the inclination to get

carried away by making sure that

she keeps her feet on the ground

and doesn't lose touch with



Her moods change often.            She is responsive and tender,

Sometimes she feels positively     though she may also be slightly

about her circumstances and        moody.  Her emotional state is

other times circumstances can      affected by the moods and

really get her down.  Because of   feelings of others. 

these emotional ups and downs,

life for her often appears to be



She tends to feel tense and may    The trait at the left was not

be apprehensive about facing her   found in the text sample. 

feelings and accepting them as

they are. 





                          Intellectual Style


     Intuition plays a large part in Eman's thinking, but she uses

enough logic to produce continuity.  This versatility enables her to

see both the parts and the whole of a problem or situation.  In

thinking and problem-solving, she is cautious and often pauses for

reflection before trying to solve a problem. 



     There is a difference between Eman's public image (her

signature) and the way she really is (her text sample). 


Based on her signature:            Based on her text sample: 

---------------------------------  --------------------------------- 


Her thinking style can be          Though she is able to process

characterized as ever-watchful     information quickly, she is

and quick to perceive and          willing to slow down to be more

process information.               deliberate and precise. 


She bases most of her decisions    The trait at the left was not

on how she feels about something   found in the text sample. 

or someone.  As a result, she

usually forms biased opinions

which are not based on a

balanced evaluation of all the






                          Personality Traits


     Eman's interests are well-defined and she knows what she wants. 



     Eman is adaptable for the most part, and is able to accommodate

to changing conditions.  She is able to adapt to varying external

pressures and force herself to do the things that need to be done. 

She can exhibit some changeable behavior, but her responses are not

frequently inconsistent.  She has carefully cultivated her sense of

taste and exercises good judgement in aesthetic matters. 



     There is a difference between Eman's public image (her

signature) and the way she really is (her text sample). 


Based on her signature:            Based on her text sample: 

---------------------------------  --------------------------------- 


Her level of self-confidence and   Overall, she has developed a

self-esteem is higher at some      sufficient amount of self-

times than at others.              confidence and self esteem. 





                            Social Behavior


     Eman doesn't like others to crowd her or encroach on her space.

She feels uncomfortable when there are too many people around her. 



     Eman is willing to reveal herself to others at times, but she

may also want to protect her privacy by keeping her personal life

separate from her vocational life.  Because she knows what she wants,

she can be direct or emphatic.  She may become frustrated by

indecision or indirect communication.  She feels more comfortable

keeping her thoughts to herself and not sharing her opinions unless

she needs to.  At times she is very open and conversational - even to

the point of indiscretion.  At other times, she is discreet about

what she says and carefully screens her words.  She tries to be clear

in what she is saying because she wants to avoid miscommunication

and misunderstanding. 



     Eman doesn't like to be pushed into the background.  For her,

everything related to her day-to-day life (such as appearance,

surroundings, position etc.) has importance. 





                        Vocational Implications


     Eman needs room in which to work and doesn't like to be crowded

or limited in resources.  She would rather operate more autonomously

on the job and not be closely supervised.  She is able to jump into

the middle of new projects.  It is not important to her to be with

the project from the beginning.  She doesn't like to waste time, and

she can become frustrated when people are late for their

appointments or when she is unable to be efficient in her use of

time.  She likes to be around others at work, where she can allow her

attention to flow freely to a variety of tasks, each for a fairly

short period of time.  She can start to feel isolated when cut off

from contact with others and suffocated when her work forces her to

concentrate for long periods of time. 



     Eman doesn't pay much attention to details because she either

forgets about them or just doesn't care enough to make sure that

they are handled properly. 



     In order to cover herself, Eman may conceal information from

supervisors or co-workers. 



     There is a difference between Eman's public image (her

signature) and the way she really is (her text sample). 


Based on her signature:            Based on her text sample: 

---------------------------------  --------------------------------- 


Because she values her time, she   She likes to streamline her

looks for ways to streamline her   work, but she will sacrifice

work.  Her efficiency could be     speed for accuracy when

useful in managerial and           necessary.  She slows down to

professional occupations which     make sure that the accuracy of

require quick thought and          her work doesn't suffer. 



Because she has a lot of energy    The trait at the left was not

which she channels into her        found in the text sample. 

work, she is able to accomplish

more than most people. 


She gets increasingly energized    The trait at the left was not

as projects proceed, but she       found in the text sample. 

tries to control the inclination

to get carried away by over-



As she moves towards achieving     The trait at the left was not

her objectives, she sometimes      found in the text sample. 

believes that she will succeed

and at other times believes that

she will fall short of reaching

her goals.  As her expectations

rise and fall, her attitude

towards her work changes from

positive to negative and her

manner of working becomes