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People trust Donna and find her to be a very balanced person.

Based primarily on medium size handwriting, the following is projected:

Donna is normally a person who is considered to be the average "Joe"; She is known by friends, family, and co-workers, to be quite balanced and well adjusted. She is able to focus and to be in control of great mood shifts. People find her reliable, personable, responsible, and accountable. They like her and enjoy being in her company.

She is a balanced person, able to handle a crises and remain cool.


Donna seems to be balanced in her relationships with others.

Based primarily on medium pressure, the following is projected:

Donna can get over emotional impacts and get on with life.  For the most part, she is a balanced type of individual who has self-control and keeps a level head in the midst of crises.


Donna is a relaxed person who just seems to enjoy life.

Based primarily on medium lower loops, the following is projected:

She tends to be productive, active, organized, and well adjusted. People like her and want to be around her.



Donna is a person who may be viewed by others as one who is easily distracted.

Based primarily on wavy baseline, the following is projected:

Donna may allow emotions to rule some of the time. She may find it easy to be distracted and it is not normally her cup of tea to take a firm stand as her thinking processes change often, which may result to others as the appearance of double-mindedness.


Donna is an organized person.

Based primarily on clear line spacing, the following is projected:

She knows how to organize and plan ahead. She also has the ability to assimilate her experiences and impressions so that she gets the best out of all that she does or expects others to do. She is balanced with clear motivation and goals. Others take one look at Donna and realize that she knows where she is going and how she is going to get there, whether in dealing with life, projects, meetings or management.


Donna seems to be a person capable of forming warm relationships.

Based primarily on balanced letter spacing, the following is projected:

She appears to be balanced and able to adapt to just about anything. People consider her friendly, spontaneous and open to new ideas. She is able to form warm relationships. Lots of people like her and feel drawn to her. They trust and respect her.


Donna appears to be a balanced person.

Based primarily on balanced word space, the following is projected:

Donna knows how to give space and she also expects space from others.  Her social behavior is very conventional. she knows the rules of society and she tends to follow them.


Others enjoy Donna for her cheerful, light-hearted attitude.

Based primarily on wavy beginning strokes, the following is projected:

Donna appears to have a sense of humor. She enjoys laughter and loves to see the smiles on the faces of those with whom she communicates.



At times, she may consider a little white lie as worthwhile to keep from offending another.

Based primarily on a and o, the following is projected:

Donna is sometimes tempted to hide the truth.  Depending on the situation at hand, Donna may struggle with the desire to conceal her true feelings, especially if she feels direct honesty might be hurtful to others.


Donna enjoys fast moving thoughts.

Based primarily on fast speed, the following is projected:

Donna may be impatient at times. She is probably intelligent with the ability to catch on quickly. She tends to make friends easily and may seemingly enjoy a non-adhesive lifestyle. It's possible that she may be disarranged in her personal environment at times when there is so much to do and so little time to do it all.  Donna's thoughts travel at a speed that doesn't take time to dissect details.  She can probably synchronize her motor movements with her mental processes to better formulate what she wants to write. Her mind is quick, controlled, and associated with a good intellect and sound reasoning powers.


Donna can be loyal and non-argumentative most of the time.

Based primarily on slant, (code...12:00) the following PART TIME characteristics are projected:

When Donna is in this mood, the following is true:

Donna appears to be a good natured individual who is not argumentative but rather she is peaceful. Some might see her as sweet, even infuriatingly so. She seldom challenges incompetency. She often appears aloof and logical. While she can be slow to make decisions, she can be a snail when it comes to making certain changes. She doesn't react to ultimatums. She can be somewhat indecisive at times. Others view her as loyal.

Donna is a level headed person. Others view Donna as a person who is very poised and balanced, a cool headed person who is very much in charge of all situations and who handles challenges by first weighing thoughts and the outcome.

She has a fair amount of independence and can function alone or with others. She has great potential to be a marvelous leader with the ability to analyze and assess all situations that confront her. She is dependable, reliable and unassuming. Others like and trust her. They will listen to her. She enjoys her position in life and gives of herself to others, yet she maintains control and gives only what she has to give i.e. advice, material goods, finances, etc. She does not over-extend herself nor does she under-extend herself. She is in charge and she competently knows it.

Others consider her predictable as she is easily read, relating to her emotions and responses. They find her behavior consistent and do not always notice mood changes, for she is not one who changes with the wind. She is able to keep her focus in one area and does not allow herself to be shaken by environmental changes nor even by the behavior of people around her. Others can trust her to be the same day after day.


Donna enjoys pleasing others but also likes to live on the edge at times.

Based primarily on slant, (code... 2:00) the following PART TIME characteristics are projected:

When Donna is in this mood, the following is true:

She is a spontaneous type of person who needs to be involved.  She may tend to fantasize about her speech, analyzing what was said and the actual or imagined response to her words. Donna obligates herself to others, either out of love or guilt. She knows how to manipulate in a non-hurtful way with the purpose of getting  things done. She can be emotionally passionate, an extrovert, resourceful, and capricious. She may want immediate answers and "impulse" seems to be her middle name at times. While she lacks certain self-confidence and sometimes feels she is not good enough, she feels the need to be understood. She is future orientated and charitable.

Donna is a person with an eye on the future. She feels good about herself most of the time. She has positive goals and is productive but she gets bored with the ho hum of existence. She hungers for challenges. She likes living on the edge and she is quite competent at living on the edge to the amazement of others. She is aware of consequences for her actions and likes to think that she is in control although she realizes that she may be a little out of control. This is fine with her as she marches to a different drum. She does not like the regular nine to five jobs, even if she holds one. She enjoys every day being a different challenge. She thrives on taking risks and that is what satisfies her. She allows her heart to rule and may at times be a little jealous.


Based primarily on formation of individual letters, the following is projected:

D well formed... good listener

E closed... some secretiveness and close mindedness

F upper... good articulation, good communication skills, idealism

F lower... sometimes strong physical drive, sometimes unfulfilled

H high, narrow... strict religious training

L high, narrow round loop... idealistic

P large lower loop... enjoys physical pleasures and activities

S looped, like a sailboat... tenacity

S pointed... intelligent, good communication skills


Based primarily on t bars, the following is projected:

At times, she may be viewed by others as a cursory type person.


Based primarily on Y lower loop returns to baseline, the following is projected:

Donna is considered by all who know her as adept in social graces


This report is based only on DONNA'S signature and therefore describes her public image. DONNA's private personality may be different.



Donna is a level headed person who desires to communicate.

She wants others to understand her.  She wishes to communicate her thoughts and ideas and she wants to make it clear. Donna appears to her public to be unpretentious and honest. She probably follows all the rules and does as she is told.  That is what her public persona conveys.


Donna may also be a little depressed when she considers herself in the public's mirror.

Although cautious and possibly pessimistic, Donna may suffer fatigue.  She may find that she also has a tendency to be easily discouraged, worn out and weak as the day progresses. She may yearn to withdraw from the public.   The handwriting sample suggests that Donna may have some difficulty with digestion.

The handwriting sample with the signature of only the first name suggests that Donna wants to be known on a first name basis to her public in general.

Physical & Material Drives

DONNA tends to have sufficient energy in reserve to call upon
when necessary - as long as this energy reserve is not tapped too

DONNA is neither overly thrifty nor overly generous.


Emotional Characteristics

When faced with emotional situations, DONNA doesn't hesitate to
express her feelings. Her feelings are typically moderate in

DONNA is naturally sensitive.


Intellectual Style

DONNA is able to process information quickly, but she will slow
down to be more deliberate and precise.

DONNA jumps right into problem-solving. She is strong in logic,
but she is likely to be short on intuition. She is interested both
in day-to-day activities and in intellectual pursuits. She may
develop biased opinions.


Personality Traits

DONNA has a sufficient amount of self-confidence and self-

DONNA knows what she wants. She is trying to develop self-
control which can be applied toward self-improvement.

DONNA is flexible under most circumstances. She can exercise
self-discipline when she needs to adapt to changing conditions.
Her behavior is consistent. She is versatile. She is both creative
and spontaneous.


Social Behavior

DONNA is cautious and tends to push away undesired involvements.

DONNA presents herself clearly to others. She can be direct or
emphatic when communicating.

DONNA can take an active part in social activities without
requiring the spotlight.


Vocational Implications

DONNA feels most comfortable when she is able to start a project
at the beginning. She likes to be efficient in her work, but she
will slow down to make sure that she does the job right. She can
work alone or as a member of a team.

In taking up a new project, DONNA can build one idea upon the
other; in discussing something with which she is already familiar,
she can produce quick answers.

While DONNA's job performance can be good, she might become
emotional under stress.