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Below are samples taken from a few selected lessons to give you an example of dictation. You do not have to come to the lessons first. Familiarize yourself with this page and the sound recordings so you will be well prepared when you come to the lessons with similiar instructions.




Say each three letter combination to your student as if they were words. You are beginning to blend consonants to vowel sounds. Next you will making words. Say each *pretend* word one at a time. Wait for your student to write the *pretend* word on his or her paper or wait for your student to form the words with the index card manipulatives if he or she is unable to write. When your student is finished, correct what he or she has written or formed before going to the next combination or word.


ba be bi bo bu
ca (ka) ce (se) ci (si) co (ko) cu (ku)
da de di do du
fa fe fi fo fu
ga ge (je) gi (ji) go gu
ha he hi ho hu
ja je ji