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I am on dialup so I knew the download would be slow.  I downloaded from 11:30 in the morning until 5:50 the next morning when I received the second error message and quit the process.

Below is the first message I received after about 47% download:

I copied the image above, clicked "OK" and continued with the download.  I went to bed and checked it some four hours later only to find the second error message.  I don't know exactly when that appeared.  Below is the second message and also what the Download Accelerator Plus showed on the screen:


Should I continue to download anyway?

Even if I were to continue with the download, what do the error messages mean and how would they affect the performance of Acrobat?

Also, does it have a negative effect on my computer to download for such a long time?  Just wondering...

Thanks for your help in understanding all this!  ;))