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Las Vegas Handwriting Analysts

of the Stars


The Cookseys are person to person entertainers. They reach out and touch everyone in their audience.


I always look forward to their one of a kind performances in Las Vegas.     

Joseph P. Delaney

Entertainment Columnist
Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

The way a person writes his name expresses his emotions and thoughts through his handwriting. This person is revealing much about himself without even knowing it. Our staff of handwriting experts will delight your guests with all the information that is revealed about them each time they write just their signature.



On a prepared paper or card, each person will be asked to sign his name or write a simple sentence. The Cookseys will clearly point out how the methods and unique styles used in the samples immediately reveal insights into the personality traits and individual character. This will never cease to amaze your guests.

Graphology is an arm of psychology which deals scientifically with the personality and character of a person, as analyzed through the assessment of handwriting.

The person communicates through handwriting what the brain desires to communicate, whether conscious or sub-consciously; thus the pen and ink unite with the paper to reveal these patterns of expressive behavior.

Handwriting Analysis is an exact science and cannot be used to foretell future events. Because it is so exact, it never ceases to astound people from all walks of life.

Since it has been proven that a signature shows the image a person wishes to project of himself or herself to the world and over 70% of Americans haven't a clue as to how their signatures are perceived by others, an encounter with a skilled handwriting analyst may not only be a valuable asset to improving one's personal life and business career, but will be the topic of many conversations for years to come.


The Cookseys perform together as handwriting analysts. They can each do readings separately or they can work together at the same table entertaining each individual guest in a Regis-Kathie-Lee "banter" style format.

For eighteen years, together the Cookseys have entertained as Caricature Artists and Handwriting Analysts for Las Vegas Tradeshows and Conventions, Hospitality Suites, Seminars, Banquets, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Speaking Engagements, Company Picnics, Family Reunions, Holiday Gatherings, Charity Bazaars, Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries, and more.