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Conjunctions are words that join or connect two or more words together in a sentence. Examples of conjunctions are BUT, AND, WHILE, SO, WHEREAS, IF: I enjoyed our date BUT he seemed distracted.

The word conjunction comes from two Latin words which mean to join with or to join together.

In the sentence, Ed and Bob are construction workers, the word and connects the two nouns, Ed and Bob. The conjunction is this sentence is the word and.

In the sentence, The manager or secretary will see you shortly, the word or connects the words manager and secretary. The conjunction is this sentence is the word or.

In the sentence, Her small but attractive apartment is for rent, the word but joins the words small and attractive. The conjunction in this sentence is the word but.


He or I will audit the account.

Or is the conjunction that joins the compound subject (he, I) in the sentence.


I fell and broke my leg.

Action: fell

Action: broke

And is the conjunction that joins two verbs (fell, broke) in the sentence.


It is a large but attractive home.

Large describes the home.

Attractive also describes the home.

But is the conjunction that joins the two words in the sentence that describe the home.

A Partial list of conjunctions follows:

and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so, when, where, until, after, because, if, unless, although, as, as if, as though, so that, except that, in order that, while, whereas, than



1. The children were playing ball at the playground when the bell rang for them to go inside their classroom.

Conjunction: when



2. The news coverage was interesting but the senator told another story.

3. The planes were in the air in seconds since they received emergency orders.

4. I remember the good old days when there was less stress.

5. He received the reward whereas he lied about the incident.

6. George was on stage only he was dreaming.

7. The small town had never seen an alien before but by noon everything had changed.

8. The will was read right after the funeral before Hal could arrive.

9. Rose came although she was not invited.

10. Don't look until I tell you.

11. The barn collapsed before we got the horses out.

12. It looks as if it might rain.

13. He sat near the door in order that he might get out quickly.

14. She danced for him because it was his last request.

15. The surgery went well although the doctor wasn't himself.

16. The business would have been successful except that he found himself in court too many times.

17. The dogs barked while the house was being robbed.

18. It was greater than he had thought.

19. The president had retreated to his private room when the news came.

20. I don't know what else I can do because I have run out of ideas.