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When you pray to our Heavenly Father with all your heart, There is no way you can possibly contain all
Your PRAISE to Such A GOOD GOD!!!

That's because what's in the heart comes out the mouth!
We know the Bible tells us that
"God Inhabits The Praises Of His People!"

We Want To Welcome You To

Where we believe the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ should also be called

The real Church of Praise is located right in the center of your heart.  The Bible says that God inhabits the "Praises of His People".  So when you wrap yourself entirely up with the sound of praise from your lips directly to the Only True Living God, He will personally meet you right at the altar in the Church of Praise and His Glory will be so awesome that no problem or circumstance will be able to stand or exist in the Presence of His Divine Light!  So start praising Him right now and let church begin in your heart.

We want to see you in heaven!

Verily, verily, I say unto you; except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone but if it die it bringeth forth much. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. Matthew 12:24-25

God has brought to earth His new church - a church without walls, a church without barriers, a church with no borders. A simple church, but a church with no limits. And we who feel called to minister on the internet have been chosen to build this church. Our calling is a unique one, one never experienced before in the history of the world. An internet church should never be considered to take the place of the local gathering of believers in community assemblies of live worship. But with the potential availability to reach out and touch anyone in the world with the click of a mouse, this technological resource can be a great comfort to believers and a point of spiritual contact for the unsaved. We, as pioneers in cyberland, are breaking new ground and establishing new standards in this area of internet use as we help form the future of internet ministry in the attempt to provide for the needs of all people across the globe to draw closer to God.

Welcome To Our Online
Church of Praise!
Need a lift? Most of us do from time to time. We need a place along our spiritual journey where we can experience the presence of God and focus our attention upon Him. It is here that we gain new strength and receive guidance in the fellowship of caring people.

Why do we call our fellowship THE CHURCH OF PRAISE?


Praise - Honors God!
Praise - Undergirds faith!
Praise - Brings deliverance!
Praise - Is the voice of faith!

Praise - Is the language of heaven!
Praise - Sets the stage for God to move!
Praise - Releases the angels to minister!
Praise - Fuels joy, which is your strength!

Praise - Knocks down walls of resistance!
Praise - Stills the enemy and the avenger!
Praise - Dispels darkness and depression!
Praise - Must precede, not follow blessings!

Praise - Gives God the legal right to help you!
Praise - Brings the presence of God onto the scene!
Praise - Is a sure sign of acceptance of the Word of God!
Praise - Is the highway that faith moves its blessings down!
Praise - Is calling those things that be not as though they were!

Blessings to Brother Dan for inspiring us to list the above, Brother Dan

If you need an encouraging "lift" in your life, we invite you to worship with us here on the internet. There is a place for you here in our hearts as we all join together in prayer and praise. When we all seek Him together, we will sense a warm, friendly atmosphere all around us. God's love that is shared and expressed by those who worship with us at this Church of Praise will be a great encouragement to one another.

As you read testimonies of His Grace and Biblical teachings, God's Word will come alive as its message is applied to where you live. In days ahead on this site we will have the music of worship and praise that will delight your heart as you silently go before our Heavenly Father and allow Him to minister to you.

If recent days have been difficult be assured that God knows a hurting heart. He is reaching out for you right now. He loves you and He wants to comfort you and give you peace.

The Church of Praise is a place where you can:
Discover a living, loving God Who wants to touch your life.
Experience a
life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Find a people who really do care about one another.
Make new and lasting friendships.
Strengthen your faith.
Experience peace for today and hope for tomorrow!

Our Scriptural messages are for inspiration and encouragement in times of need and thanksgiving. The purpose of the Scriptural messages are to help you become motivated to go out and share the Gospel with others so that they too can find peace in their lives by accepting Jesus as Master.

Here at our website you will find an atmosphere conducive to personal worship. You will find prayer requests and praise reports, testimonials, inspirational messages and sermons from the Scriptures. We will do our best to lift your spirits, direct your focus on Jesus Christ, strengthen your daily spiritual walk; and we will pray for you daily.

We are currently preparing a multitude of new material just for all of our friends who come to this site in an effort to draw closer to Jesus. IN THE COMING DAYS AND WEEKS we will be adding many links to this page, so please keep checking back.

The most important thing for you to keep remembering today is found in the Book of Psalms. We are clearly told that "GOD INHABITS THE PRAISES OF HIS PEOPLE!!!" That's GREAT NEWS FOR YOU! If you continue to just say "PRAISE THE LORD" all day long from morning to night, then you can be positive that His Word is True. HE WILL BE LIVING RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF YOUR PRAISE! And your life will get better and better and better every minute of every day IF YOU CONTINUALLY PRAISE THE LORD EVERY TIME YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

You don't believe me?

I challenge you to not utter one sentence for seven days without including "PRAISE THE LORD" at the beginning and the end of each sentence or statement you make in public or even by yourself. Why am I so sure you will be flying off the ground if you do this? I have lived the experience and had to be scraped off the ceiling time after time! But I have never had such unspeakable joy as when I have "continually praised His Name without ceasing".

So if you think or feel you are having a bad day, then now you know how to change it to the best day of your life. PRAISE THE LORD!!!