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The following codes and statements have been prepared for those of you who received a short handwriting analysis report with the written codes on the sample that you gave to the analyst. Find the codes that apply to your report and read the statements to recall what was said to you at the time the analysis was given.

1. You are a person who may find self still attached to the past: For you, it is probably very difficult to disengage yourself from past memories as they have a strong hold on your mind and emotions. You may be tied in memory to your mother. Perhaps you took care of her for years or she was domineering in your early years or even to the present. Some event may have happened which cemented itself into your memory banks. The event may be good, bad, tremendous, or horrific.

2. You are mostly thought of as an optimistic person: You are a person who is considered cheerful and optimistic most of the time. And indeed, you often struggle to keep that appearance and impression true. However, you may also have a tendency to fight depression. And during those times your apparent positive outlook is exhibited only after much inner struggle, even to an exaggerated degree of focussed intensity. It would do well for you to repeat, "If I just keep pushing, things are bound to get bettter!"

3. You are a person who may be viewed by others as one who is easily distracted: You may allow emotions to rule. You find it easy to be distracted and it is not your cup of tea to take a firm stand as your thinking processes change often, which results in (as others see it) doublemindedness.

4. You are a person with strong emotional control: You know how to focus and concentrate when it comes to controlling your emotions. In fact, you are probably considered a master at self-control. Others may envy you for your strength and capability. When they are around you, they probably feel weak in their own attempts to take charge of their lives. You are a person who seems to be always focussed: It is easy for you to concentrate on the task at hand. You seem to be a person who can focus at the drop of a hat. Outside noise and distractions do not bother you generally. When you put your mind to work, you have the tendency to tune out everything that does not apply.

5. You start out with energy, sag in the middle, and finish with enthusiasm: Yes, your confidence builds as you start your projects and see them materialize. But something seems to happen to you in the middle of each and you may find yourself "belly aching" about all you have to do. Nevertheless, you make steady progress and you show common sense and a willingness to forge ahead. As you near the culmination, you view the goal as almost accomplished. This inspires you to cross over the finish line with renewed enthusiasm.

6.You are a person with much enthusiasm to get started, but find it hard to finish a task: You have many good beginnings but you also are thought of as a poor finisher. You start off with enthusiasm but lack the energy and will to complete what you began with such luster.

7. You seem willing to stand up for what you think: You appear to be very definite in your ideas and you have the strength to stand by them.

8. You seem to be an intellectual type of person: But you also appear to be defensive.

9. You appear to be defensive: It may just be that you tend to want to protect yourself.

10. You appear to have some issues that still need to be resolved, regarding your relationships. At times, you seem to become angry or even battle with intense dislike of another person.

A ___A person who writes large is generally a non-subordinate who needs lots of attention. He may be an extrovert who is unwilling or unable to concentrate, seeking constant approval and has a tendency to be a show off.

B___ A person who writes very large is one who has learned to hide his feelings. He knows no boundaries and his behavior demonstrates that. While at the same time he does not expect others to be confined by boundaries, he behaves as an exhibitionist. His restless personality seeks an outlet for his fast cruising thoughts.

C___ A person who writes in a manner that is consistent with medium size letters is the average "Joe" who is known by his friends, family and co-workers to be quite balanced and well adjusted, able to focus and in control of great mood shifts.

D___ A person who writes small is often an introvert. He may be selfish. He probably has learned to tune out what others say and shut out environmental noises. He is very focussed and able to concentrate on the task at hand. He may be a scholar.

LS1 You seem to be a person who rushes to judgment: You may be impetuous and overact. You seem to rush to judgment. Impulsive, confused and wanting to fit in, you succomb to peer pressure thinking you are being granted acceptance. You also tend to give in to your emotions. You are a sensitive person without strong emotional control.

LS2 You seem to be an extrovert: It appears as if you like to talk. As an extrovert, you tend to be spontaneous and open without restraint. You do not draw logical conclusions so much as you listen to all sides and go with the conclusion you feel right about in your gut.

LS3 You are a person who may be considered by others as uptight: You may be a little uptight and even narrow minded as you are sure of your opinions and don't sway easily to another's point of view. People who know you realize that they have to present a well thought out case if they expect you to consider changing your mind. You need to be close to those you love, so close that they may think you are nosy or a little too touchy. You like to live in the moment and you may find yourself talkative and confused, if not a little indiscreet.

LS4 You are a generous person with the ability to envision ahead: It seems easy for you to be generous and open about yourself and others. You should be considered a clear communicator. You know how to let it loose and let your hair hang down. People enjoy you because you don't intimidate nor do you judge so much as you just let it happen. You may have a tendency to forgive easily because you don't "hold it in".

LS5 You are someone who tends to lose perspective: You may feel confused at times and tend to lose perspective. Others have a tendency to consider you unreliable until they see you as you see you, for you know how to organize and still leave things a mess. Your thoughts seem to be jumbled up and chaotic and you probably find it difficult to follow a set schedule. Your thoughts may travel much faster than you can communicate. You find yourself butting in when there are conflicts because you feel you can get resolution. You do not care to do mundane chores like housekeeping or cleaning out your office drawers. Most likely, you procrastinate and delay on getting things done.

L1 You may be a person whose imagination has gone wild: You really enjoy new thoughts and creative concepts. The more bizarre the idea, the faster you embrace it. Some people may think you suffer delusions. You may or may not know where the dividing line is between delusion and reality.

L2 You are someone who is not totally satisfied with self: You tend to be dissastisfied with self. You look outside yourself to get your needs met. You want to please authority figures.

L3 You are a person who enjoys fantasy more than reality: You possibly overact to everything, distorting facts and bragging about your sexual prowess. Yet you may be unable to perform. It is possible that you may lack the finances you desire but you'd be the last one to admit it. You have the ability to charm others into thinking just what you want them to think about your financial, physical and emotional levels of achievement in life.

L4 You are a person who finds it hard to escape the way you were brought up: More than likely, you were brought up in a legalistic background.

L5 You seem to be a person motivated by opportunities to acquire money: you tend to want to satisfy your physical and material desires. You may jump in without any planning on your part. You have a tendency to become opinionated. Sometimes you can't relax as you tend to be always moving around i.e. drumming your fingers or tapping your feet. You have the ability to use sex as a tranquilizer and you may find yourself with a long list of partners. The word is "may" because you are the one who can control your tendencies.

P1 You are a person who may be stubborn and angry lots of times: Frustration seems to be your middle name. You tend to become angry, self-assertive, and violent. You seem to want to impose your will on others for you cannot see how they can think and act the way they do. In some ways, you are like a bull in a china shop, dynamic and devouring. It is hard for you to hold it in. You want to shout at others. People see you as agressive.

P2 You are the type of person who is more a follower than a leader: You seem to lack the energy to stand up for yourself. It is almost as if you have no will of your own. Some people might view you as spineless but in reality, you may be suffering from an illness of some kind. It might be wise to get checked by a doctor. A physical might even be in order.

T1 You are someone who only communicates so far and then you say, "No more!: You communicate so far then you shut the door because you don't care to reveal anything more about yourself. You may possibly exhibit executive potential as you also have a fast mind and tend to think through and make decisions quickly.

T2 You are a person who doesn't always like to communicate: You also don't seem to want to let others know much about you. And you may be tired even to the point of feeling exhausted.

T4 You may be a withdrawn person when it comes to communication: It would seem that you lack consideration for the reader of your words and you don't really care if they can understand your communication or not. You may possibly be an unhappy person with little regard for others who appear to be happier.

WS1 You are a person who seems to be in need of constant approval: You may have blurred social boundries and you tend to want to fulfil a need to feel really close to those surrounding you. It seems that you are in need of constant approval. You are a person who is somewhat impulsive: You may be impulsive at times and act spontaneously. You react with haste. Sometimes you feel driven to become involved and socialize. You are the "in your face" touchy-feely kind of person who comes across as someone insecure and needing physical contact.

WS2 You may have difficulty getting your thoughts across: You may have difficulty communicating your thoughts to others. At the same time, you desire to be close to some people but you seem to fear intimacy. This has a tendency to cause others to view you as a person who enjoys isolation. You tend to be reserved in public: You tend to form abstract relationships i.e. no kisses in public. You also tend to keep your distance and not get involved with others. You may be a very charming person who just wants to keep the distance.

SL 1 You may have influences from the past that affect your present activities.

SL 2 You appear to be friendly and somewhat controlled by your emotions.

Z1, Z2, Z3 Pertain to your ideas on (Z1) spirituality, philosophy, imagination, intelligence, (Z2) self, (Z3) biological needs and finances. The analyst gave you a personal, individual, verbal intepretation on this that cannot easily be factored on this webpage because of its intricate meanings and variations.



If you have the numbers 2332 in your code, that means some part of your writing revealed you to be a stable, balanced individual with a cool head and the ability to discern reality vs fantasy.