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Handwriting Analyst Report for
Richard Pyrdol on 02/26/2005

By Janae Cooksey

Graphologist, Author, Broadcaster, Curriculum Developer
Licensed in three states as Professional Educator and Instructor

Based on Richard's biometric rhythm flow of his signature, as illustrated
in the graphic pattern below, the final analysis assessment has been processed:

This report is based only on Richard Pyrdol's signature and therefore
describes his public image. Richard's private personality may be
different, as would be revealed in a multi-page text sample.


Physical & Material Drives

Richard appears to be a moderately energetic person. As long as
his energy resources are not tapped too frequently, he will have
enough energy to meet his needs and face the challenges which
confront him. While he likes to be physically active, he is not too
restless or hyperactive.

It is important for Richard to be able to hold onto his money,
so he tries not to let it slip through his fingers; however, he is
not able to hold onto it as well as he would like. While he tends to
be thrifty, he is sometimes willing to share his resources with


Emotional Characteristics

Richard releases his emotions to varying degrees under varying
conditions. Because he is being pulled in different directions, he
may experience tension and conflict between keeping his feelings in
and letting them out. His feelings are typically moderate in
intensity, so when he gets really upset about something, he is
usually able to calm down and let go of his anger in a reasonable
length of time.

Richard is a person who will argue to maintain his point of view.
Sometimes, he finds it difficult to reason out situations.

Richard is responsive and tender, though he may also be slightly
moody. His emotional state is affected by the moods and feelings of

Richard can be loyal; and he possesses the self-control to be
non-argumentative. During these times, Richard seldom challenges
incompetency. He can appear aloof and logical and slow to make
decisions. He can also be a snail when it comes to changes,
especially if they weren't his idea. There are times when he can appear
to be indecisive. Inner conflicts may keep him in turmoil.

Richard may enjoy juggling his time and activities, keeping the peace,
and playing mind games. Richard is often emotionally complicated.
He appears to have lots of inner self-doubt. He may seem easily defeated
at times and obsessed over petty details. He most often suffers dreadful
inner conflicts.


Intellectual Style

Richard takes great pains to make sure that his thinking is
systematic and precise. He tries hard to avoid mistakes.

Intuition plays a large part in Richard's thinking, but he uses
enough logic to produce continuity. This versatility enables him to
see both the parts and the whole of a problem or situation. In
thinking and problem-solving, he is cautious and often pauses for
reflection before trying to solve a problem. He likes to exercise
his imagination and develop innovative ideas. He is an abstract
thinker and enjoys philosophical problems which stimulate his
intellectual curiosity and help him to know and understand more. He
likes to use conceptual models to illustrate and develop his ideas.


Personality Traits

Richard wants others to think he is totally self-confident and
he doesn't like others to question his competence, even in areas
where he is not competent. He can be very self-critical and blame
himself for a variety of shortcomings. He is proud of how he looks
and what he is capable of doing. He likes to dress well and to
demonstrate his talents.

Richard is braced to his own ideas and has a tendency to
make up his mind and stick with it,
regardless if people refer to him as stubborn.

Richard's impatience can cause him to become frustrated when he
is forced to wait or to do the same thing over again. He is very
cautious and he needs time to think and weigh the alternatives
before he starts anything new. His needs for safety and caution
sometimes prevent him from taking the risks which are required for
personal growth. He tends to exercise self-restraint and reflect
before he acts, although there are times when he reacts quickly.

He also has a tendency to fuss over little things, be somewhat unstable
at times and over-emotional, while hiding his anger over a present

situation. He can be moody, irritable, and play little mind games with
himself. He wishes to appear cool and prefer to avoid confrontation,
but will tackle head on if the need arises. Richard is career minded,
sensitive and may take things personally. Richard is also intelligent,
yet unsure of himself.

Richard is adaptable for the most part, and is able to
accommodate to changing conditions. He is able to adapt to varying
external pressures and force himself to do the things that need to
be done. He tries to be adaptable to a variety of situations, but he
is frequently inconsistent in his responses. He may have mixed
feelings about his willingness to become involved, as he alternates
between approach and avoidance. He finds security in the past, so he
doesn't like to sever ties or burn bridges. When he feels
emotionally insecure or materially deprived, he will turn to old
alliances for encouragement and support.


Social Behavior

Richard protects himself by keeping people at a distance. He
doesn't jump quickly into new relationships.

Richard wants to insure his privacy and selectively determine
who will get to know him. Though he is tactful and able to handle
sensitive situations without offending others, he can also be
indecisive and hard to pin down.

Richard is concerned about his public image and wants to
maintain a favorable impression. He responds well to praise and can
be a cooperative team player. He can be critical of others and focus
on their deficiencies. His dissatisfaction with others is likely to
be a reflection of his dissatisfaction with himself. He wants to
know that others look up to him and view him with respect and

Richard is capable of manipulating his self-presentation so well
that he can make others believe he is sincere when he is not. If he
likes to play cards, he is probably good at poker.

Sometimes, he enjoys pleasing others. Richard may be a spontaneous
type of person who needs to be involved. He may change careers more than
once in his lifetime. He tends to fantasize about his speech, analyzing
what was said and the actual or imagined response to his words. He knows
how to manipulate. He can be emotionally passionate, an extrovert,
resourceful, and extravagant. It depends on his mood. Richard wants
immediate answers and sometimes acts on impulse, although impulse is

not really part of his personality as a whole. While he lacks
self-confidence and sometimes feels he is not good enough, he feels the
need to be understood.  Richard has learned to be cautious and look

before leaping.

 He appears to be defensive showing paranoid tendencies.  He defends himself
from others' prying eyes and critical mouths, as he views it to be.  He does not
enjoy being on display for others to dissect.   He prefers to back away.  
If he has to go to a social event,  he will do what is obligatory, but his heart
will not be in it and his mind will be planning an escape route the whole time.
He seems to be anti-social, although he has enough control to cause others
to view him as a friendly and cooperative person.  He rarely lets people
get close enough to know him.  He doesn't want to be hurt emotionally. 
This can put up a roadblock to intimacy in certain situations.


Vocational Implications

Richard is very concerned about accuracy in his work. He would
rather take the time to get it right than rush to get it done
quickly, but less accurately.

Mechanical matters and the principles of construction work may
be second-nature to him. Whether or not Richard is interested in
construction or mechanical activities, he may have the potential to
make machines work, solve mechanical problems and apply this
understanding to construction.

Richard has to exert conscious control in order to complete the
projects he begins. He is faced with the temptation to go onto
something new before he finishes what he is doing.

Richard is someone who struggles with concerns and worries. He may
feel uncertain or worried about what to do at times. He tends to feel
unsettled, fighting an internal tug of war.

Richard is motivated by spiritual growth. Finding meaning in
life is very important to him.