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Check the tests out in advance of your studies. Allow your students to take them, one at a time AFTER you have completed the entire sixteen lesson plans. If any student does not seem to be doing well or has to have help to be successful, then do not frustrate him or her. Start the lesson plans over under a supervisor if possible, at another time during the day, and review again. In the meantime, keep that particular student in your class as he or she will learn much by exposure. Call on other students for the answers. Call on many for the same answers. Then call upon the student having the difficulty and he or she won't feel a lessening of self esteem but will probably have the answers too. Thus, whenever you call upon this student, he or she will feel competent that he or she will have the answers. Pretty soon you will find more volunteer interaction. Your students should be able to take the three final tests without a problem before they are ready for Step Three.

Under no circumstances should your students take any of the final tests until the first ten tests are completed with success. When your students are ready to take the final three tests then you as the teacher are saying that they are ready to go on with Step Three.

Some students have to repeat, review and be reinforced many times over while others may move ahead much faster. It is up to you, the teacher, to determine the readiness of your student. Don't allow emotions to interfere with reasonable assessment. It does not matter what your students say nor what YOU want to think about their abilities. If your students are to be successful in Step Three, they MUST be competent in Step two. Please do not go ahead until your students are ready.

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