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With each dramatic story, exaggerate by tone and facial expressions.
Put your hand over the student's hand and point to the letter, or letters, that the drama emphasizes.
At no time should the student be allowed to be allowed to become distracted during the time of the storytelling.
STORIES AND DRAMATIZATIONS OF ALPHABET LETTER NAMES: Using dramatic exaggeration, relate the following stories as the student points to the letters emphasized.

"EMmmmm good!" says Emma. "EMmmmmm food!" says Emma, who is very fat. "EMmmmmm Mama, I want to be fat like you!" says Emma the hippo.

Nnnnnn Nosey Nose says he smells something strange. N-nnnnnnonsense! N-nnnnnnn Nosey Nose still smells something strange! N-nnnnonsense! Could it be my new perfume? N-nnnnnnnno way!

Drink lemonade on a hot day. (Say in a deep voice: ooooooooooh, sooooooo good!) (Say in a high pitch squeaky voice: Oh oh! Oh oh! Oh oh!) More lemonade? Oooooooooooh yes, please!


Take your flash cards for this week and previous lessons. One at a time call the cards out by letter name and walk over to a chair or sofa and put the letter to sleep. When all the letters are asleep it is time to wake them up. One at a time call the letters by name and find where they are sleeping. Wake the card up and take it to a place on your floor which you will call the playground. When all the letters are in the playground it will be time to eat. Call the letters one at a time by name and put them on the table for dinner. After dinner it will be time to put the letters to bed. Call them by name and put them to bed one at a time.

Take this game outside. Hold a flash card in your hand. If you are holding uppercase A then your name will be A. Skip around the yard with your student skipping after you. When he or she gets near enough to touch you, hold your card up high and yell out the name of the letter. You must be holding the card rightside up or you lose. If you don't hold the card up rightside fast enough and your student touches you then you have been tagged and it is your turn to skip after your student who holds a different card. IF THE WEATHER DOES NOT PERMIT this game as an outside activity then play it indoors with dolls or toy soldiers or something like that. Lay the flash card down and the toy has to get to it to yell out the letter name. Just play some variation.

Make sure you go outside or have enough room to play this game. Prepare ahead of time so that there is nothing in the way that could be knocked down or broken by playing with a jump rope. Take a jump rope and let your student choose a flash card. Place the card where he or she can see it. As your student jumps with the rope he or she calls out the letter name. Your student should call out the letter name every time his or her feet hit the floor. If you are young enough or feel so inclined, you might take turns jumping and calling out letter names.

You take half the flash cards and your student takes the other half. You are going to match upper and lower case letters. First, lay your matches down. Now call out the match you need. Take turns. If you need lowercase (a) to make your match then you say, "Red Beaver, Red Beaver let lowercase (a) come over!" Your student must give you the lowercase (a) by walking it across the table to you. All the time he or she is walking the flash card he or she is saying "Goodbye lowercase (a). Goodbye!" Obviously, you take turns calling Red Beaver and walking your flash cards.

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