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Cat Fight

A cat can be made in the following manner: Get a plate and trace around it for the head. Make a rectangle for the body with four lines coming out of it for the legs. Put another line for its tail and two more for its ears.

Make several paper cats and print end parts of words studied thus far on the cats.

Both the student and supervisor have cats. The student is directed to make a match. Each time a cat is matched, and read correctly, there is a make-believe cat fight, complete with sound effects. (Supervisor's cat and student's cat!)

Blow Big Bubbles

A jar of soapy water is prepared in advance and sits on a table with a straw. End parts of words are called out. The student writes them down and they are corrected by a supervisor or by cassette tape. When correct, the student gets a turn at blowing bubbles.

Simon Says

Take the flash cards and designate one as Simon. Face the cards down so that they cannot be viewed. As each card is turned over, the student says its sound and the classification to which it belongs. When Simon is turned over, the student puts his hands over his mouth and says nothing. If he or she or she makes an error, he or she puts Simon in a corner. After the game the student writes down the ones that remain five times.

Basket Sound Ball

The student has a circle cut out of cardboard. he or she sets the flash cards on a table. The student takes the circle and tosses it to the flash card of his choice, saying the sound as he or she throws. If the circle lands on the correct flash card, both are put in a pile at the side of the table. If the circle does not land on the chosen flash card, but does land on another card, the student must put that card in a box for shipping. If the circle lands on no card at all, the student must jump up and down and say the sound several times. When the game is over the cards prepared for shipping are collected by the supervisor who pretends to mail them far away. The cards placed in a pile at the side of the table is the number of "baskets" made by the student.

Sound the Sound Bell

The flash cards are read by the supervisor who occasionally makes an error on purpose. A bell is given to the student who rings it every time he or she hears an error. (A bell can be made by dropping buttons, shells, rocks, etc. into a cup or bowl and shaking it.)

Marble Toss

The flash cards are placed in a circle around the floor and the student sits in the middle with marbles. he or she rolls the marbles to the flash card of his choice, saying the sound as he or she rolls. he or she gets to keep the cards that the marble touches provided he or she has said the sound correctly. If the marble does not get to the designated card, neither the card nor the marble may be removed. When a marble hits another marble it is a strike. Three strikes and the student writes the remaining flash cards on paper.

Candy Throw

This is the same as the Marble Toss described above with one exception. The game is played with candy. Three strikes and the supervisor keeps all the candy for another time. The student still writes the remaining flash cards on paper. The candy that touched the cards which the student collects is his to keep.

Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.