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It is important that you know the following words and the explanations for the markings according to the rules. If you do not know the answers then you need to review FIRST before you give this test to your student. His or her responses will be considered correct or incorrect according to your advance study. You will be the one to grade this test and determine if your student has gained the necessary knowledge.

You will want to give this test in parts, not all at one time. You should take a week to complete this test.

Dictate the following words to your students and tell them to mark the words

as they write them. After each word is marked, one at a time, have your students

read their words back to you and explain the reason for their markings.

confine, conspire, embrace, confide, consent, compel

case, cave, coach, hoarse, decency, December

cent, spice, icicle, solace, cease, coal

glory, gallon, gallop, God, Gospel, gossip, gent

garbage, frigid, digit, got, game, gracious, gyp

step, slick, sick, hag, ham, that

map, brag, hag, cram, them, strap

map, jam, tan, van, gag, pad

gem, cup, gym, plump, cyst, cinch

am, stash, knot, gnat, flat, axe

sap, gad, lag, tag, brand, pan

hen, beg, bred, when, spin, Ken

led, wed, jet, met, let, net

set, yet, pet, yell, bell, fell

sell, pelt, felt, melt, pest, Tess

nest, rest, rent, sent, tent, went

him, sin, if, bit, big, it

is, split, hit, slid, sip, nip

rid, rim, fix, six, fig, dig

pig, din, fib, bib, rid, rig

class, got, cob, job, cot, lot

sob, God, rob, slob, hog, hop

mop, lot, dot, jot, dot, pot

rot, not, pop, top, sop, rod

up, cub, hub, cup, us, rust

bud, mud, mug, hug, dug, tug

sun, run, bun, rut, lung, dust

must, rust, gust, drum, hung, romp

mutt, trust, just, stuff, huff, dusting

but, rusting, Russ, up, bluff, strut

lad, sob, rust, fin, fit, hot

rug, drums, dress, pat, ten, mix

his, dot, hut, rot, get, tent

hug, gum, help, blend, digraph, lad

drum, lift, sift, sass, hot, cog

fog, frog, fun, had, wet, cut

mat, mate, fat, fate, gate, jade

fad, fade, rag, rage, rage, lace

Sam, same, mad, made, grade, place

she, me, he, wild, fold, free

golden, meek, keep, reel, weep, peep

deep, weed, deed, heed, tree, knee

mile, pile, mild, file, spike, like

hike, mike, fire, hire, wire, wife

life, ride, bide, hide, tire, pike

hold, told, note, vote, dote

cone, home, bone, phone, tone, bolt

jolt, mode, rode, gold, sold, cold

lute, mute, cute, glue, dune, tube

cube, huge, blue, jute, lure, pure

chip, ship, blot, bum, plump, slot

hot, grab, brag, belt, slip, slop

plot, trot, hump, jump, stab, slab

cram, stand, fled, bleed, stop, clod

mild, wild, child, fold, pop, mold

shut, hush, vest, West, mess, drip

whip, plot, pump, flit, clad, dad

dash, fish, frog, king, spite, crib

bent, lad, lass, grit, gift, spent

poke, mop, dean, lean, gleam, stream

mold, flame, spear, smear, boat, coat

state, slate, shape, quite, bloat, globe

tribe, hide, creed, steep, craze, blaze

probe, blame, spire, drone, stone, hire

whine, spine, smite, bead, sold, moan


caprice, female, priest, neither, submarine

quarantine, memory, enemy, Deity

welt, mint, flint, hint, next, barn

small, tall, fall, clasp, grasp, mask

swing, things, ling, toast, coast, moat

good, took, foot, hook, cook, broom

soon, spoon, bloom, stork, horse, snort

short, north, wash, wad, was, what

squall, lamp, stand, grand, rob, rock

care, mare, share, rare, dare, snare

spare, tame, flame, game, same, train

rain, stain, pain, yard, arm, chart

charm, damp, hand, land, sand, staff

warp, warm, warn, ward, war, gray

pay, day, stay, play, raft, chaff

tar, my, staff, danger, detect, manger

major, flavor, harvest, party, tardy, squash

tamper, planet, artist, matter, margin, carpet

stammer, hamper, squander, vanish, market, station

sheep, sleep, tremor, secret, hero, zero

sequel, mercy, sermon, serpent, verbal, squalid

merchant ferment plenty sequence handy ration

dinner river shiver birthday wander mirthful

doctor foster ponder frolic poem odor

over topic tonic colic forty formal

torpid organ orbit mortal sordid torpid

come loved ove above gorge moose

loose tooths hoot prop most hostess

mutter boom stutter musket tutor stupor

number soot nutmeg supper turnip turkey

furnish coot burden frugal ruin ruby

brutal root truly cruel murder lunar

turn churn furl hurt hurl curl

musk plunk husk plump romp from

long song strong malt salt waltz

halt pluck flute wasps wan salt

corn fork torch sort hoof droop

proof loop gloom drill quill still

shorn shrub shrug deck neck chill

sank dank Hank rank blank blink

tank stink wink stranger hint flint

bark dark hard card barn heat

eat meat deal deranged mine fine

lime dime estranged well tell bell

hill Jill kill range mill still

dull cull hull mull stingy fang

gang bang veal meal next dank

tutorial hood shook crook stood foot

flask grasp clasp craft small stall

grand sing amp cramp stamp damp

bring cling sangs wing rang ring

small stall fall call wall squall

stork North horse sort short force

what wad wash watt was wasp

lost boss soft moss sob knob

share mare stare scare spare snare

scar star tar garb barb charm

chart lard yard lake take wake

shame game flame danger word staff

raft chaff stay bray stay gray

warm warn warp ward sand camp

wager flavor savor major caper tamper

cancer hamper harvest tardy ardor aim

turnip turkey if frugal prudent rudder

margin planet viper spider shiver up

enter member better secret fetter umpire

humor stupor juror murmur lunar open

stutter burden furnish murder turnip turkey

rudder suffer hurt tender skirt shirt

girdle first flirt virgin thirst

pyre reply deny apply tyrant hyena

typhus type tyke dynasty physical syntax

synopsis lyric cyst pyre sty nymph system

tryst flies myths his easy was

cyst buys gypsy prettiest silly his

sky cries flies babies busy please

praise prays pause paws knows nose

prism prison weasel treason resident

fight might light sight plight night

tight blight bright flight right slight

aught ought neigh weigh feign neighbor

they those the them this that

thank thought think thus thick then

hither the fit bother feather gatherr ather

breath thaw three thrash throng thrust

thrill throat mythical other breathe

quit Dubuque as in Iowa

quilt pique risque quiet quarrel quote

quick equip quad quit ting quack coquet sure feature

queen plaque quotation antique clique

Ensure future fixture mixture infatuated

picture literature nature creature adventure

signature furniture assure tissue issue

in sure assurance pressure sugar censure

Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.