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1.  In the words that follow, which parts are Digraphs?

shop with  Digraphs

catch chick patch 

chin  clock gnat 

that  ghost  match  

each phone  knot child

2.  In the words that follow, which parts are Blends?

twig blot  knot

bring crab swim clash flag drum flip

grab strum gland plan  trip snip

spot stop  clock gnat  smack

3.  In the words that follow, which parts are Vowel Combinations?
green weep sweep 

meat  neat beat 

laid raid  maid 

say way ray

oat bloat oak

4.  Write the following in their proper categories:

sh, ch, tch, th, ck, wh
br, cr, dr, fr, gr, 
gh, gn, kn, ph,
 y, ice, our, out, 
tr, str, sn, sp,  dome, Rome,
ee, ea, ai, rope, hide,
aw, ew, ow, ou, oi, oy,
st, sw, sm, tw, 
 boom,   bl, pl, spoon, hook, 
ar, er, ir, or, ur, ire, are, 
air, ore, ure,  gl,
fine, ride, cl, fl, 
 are, air, ore, ure,
nine, ay, oa,  spine, side,
ing, ss, ll, ang, alk, amp, ind, ight,
moon, look, took,  look

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