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Which words have the soft sound of G?

gem, gym, gone, Genesis, got, leg, gin, Gene
frigid, hag, digit, rag, gracious, gyp, gent

Which words have the hard sound of G ?

gold, gush, gum, gem, game, gab, gosh, garb, gyp, gent, gin, God
garbage,  got, game, glory, gallon, gallop, Godly, Gospel, gossip, 

Which of the following words have the soft sound of G or C ?

cyst, city, gem, gym, cot, can

acid, cave, solace, brace, trace, case

cut, December, ate, incessant, traffic

came, cost, cite, grade, got, gleam

gist, gum, renegade, glisten, space

general, gang, gym, giddiness, Gene

gender, gentile, go, Gus, mug

strange, gentle, gearing, sluggish

Which of the following words have the short sound of OO ?

book, room, look, moon, shook, soon, Cooksey, spool

hood, doom, hook, toon, wool, boom, rook, fool

crook, swoon, stood, snoop, brook, crook, tool

cook, nook, goon, soot, good, hoodwink, school

Which words have a vowel that sounds like long i ?

try, baby, silly, cry, pretty, fly, sky, really, my

Which words have a vowel that sounds like short i ?

myth, baby, silly, fly, cyst, cry, try, really, my, gyp

Which words have S that sounds like Z ?

easy, scheme, sent, his, has, sorry, was

Which words have the long vowel sound?

scheme, he, wild, fold, free

golden, meek, keep, reel, weep, peep

deep, weed, deed, heed, tree, knee

mile, pile, mild, file, spike, like

hike, mike, fire, hire, wire, wife

life, ride, bide, hide, tire, pike

ode, hold, told, note, vote, dote

cone, home, bone, phone, tone, bolt

jolt, mode, rode, gold, sold, cold

lute, mute, cute, glue, dune, tube

cube, huge, blue, jute, lure, pure

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