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Fill in the blanks with an ending sound.

The k_____ can sw_____ with his r_____ on a str_____ around his neck. 

When the k_____ started to sw_____ and s_____, 
the r_____ on the string went ping and hit the swing.

A man sat on the grass. He was the k_____. 
He forgot his r_____ on a string. 
The grass was damp but the man did not fuss. 
Tess had the r_____ and she got a kiss from the k_____.

The blind man went up the hill and sat on the sw_____. 
His mind was on the k_____'s r_____ that had to be on a str_____. 
He had shells to sell but the shells got wet 
when he got the cat out of the well. 
The shells fell in the well when he got the cat. 
The blind man got up and sat on the sw_____. 
Oh! Oh! He sat on the k_____'s r_____!

The old k_____ had to get his golden r_____ on a str_____. 
Tess had found it in the mound on the ground. It was old. 
It was gold. It did not get mold. It was not sold.

The k_____ had lost the r_____. Would he get it? 
Should he get it? Could he get it? Tess had it. 
She had found it in the mound on the ground. 
Would she get a kiss? Should she kiss the k_____? 
Could she get the r_____ to the k_____?

The blind man cannot find his r_____ on a str_____ by the sw_____.

The poor thing has its w_____ in a sling.

The k_____ had lost his r_____. Would he find it? 
Should he find it? Tess had found it in the mound on the ground 
but could she get it to him in time to get a kiss?

Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher. 1