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Fill in the blanks to make a word that makes sense.  The following word parts will help you choose the rest of the word.  You may add a different word part but it must make sense and be a genuine word.  Sound out each missing part with the rest of the word until you come up with a word that is meaningful to the rest of the sentence.  

sh, ch, tch, th, ck, wh 
br, cr, dr, fr, gr
gh, gn, kn, ph
 y, ice, our, out
tr, str, sn, sp
ee, ea, ai, ope, ide
aw, ew, ow, ou, oi, oy
st, sw, sm, tw, bl, pl
ar, er, ir, or, ur, ire, are
air, ore, ure, 
 gl, cl, fl
are, air, ore, ure 
ay, oa,  ine, ide
ing, ss, ll, ang, alk
amp, ind, ight

I can get that c___.

That cute ch___ cut his lip.

She set the pan on the p___.

He rode with a fish___ rod in his hand.

Ride the van to the v___.

He had a plan to get a pl___.

Each ch___ on the porch has a chin.

Which ch___ is rich?

The n___ is l___.

He had a f___ and he m___ be fr___ened.

It is t___.

It is br___.

It was a s___.

The pl___ was a s___.

It was not r___.

Br___ me the cash.

Then patch the sw___.

The clock is not r___.

It is a l___ b___.

I am on the t___.

Can I get cr___?

I got wet in the str___.

He or she had a bad dr___.

She sat in a b___t that did not fl___t.

She had no s___p.

So she did not s___k it.

I s___ the man on the l___n.

The f___n stands on the street.

The l___ can get him or her.

Can he or she cr___l yet?

She can b___l.

He got in a br___l.

It was the cat's p___.

Was it r___?

Can she y___n?

Dr___ that cl___.

It is a bug on his j___.

Can it cr___l on his j___? N___!

The w___ blew.

She will get her c___t after we go to a show.

Can the w___ blow?

Throw it to me.

Row the b___t in the bath tub.

The c___ is not a van.

It is jam in a j___.

See the t___.

It went f___.

Wish on a st___.

P___k that van now.

The dog can b___k.

She s___ a sh___k.

It was d___k.

She is a s___er.

I s___ a bird.

My hand is s___.

It is a b___.

Can I do that ch___?

She went to the st___.

May I get m___?

She t___ it.

She w___ it.

The k___ had a r___ on a str___.

The k___ sat on the sw___.

He or she st___ted to s___.

He or she began jump___.

He or she went camp___.

The man was send___ a boy to camp with him.

The bl___ man was stand___ on the street to beg.

The man could not see when that c___ went by, but he felt the splash.

It looks like it m___ rain on her.

Will he get wet or will he f___ a dry bed?

I wish that I could help him or her.

I thank God that I am not bl___!

I s___ the fox dig a den for himself. 
I was on the hill and s___ the fox dig a den. 
Soon the fox ran out of his den. His fur was red. 
We sat up in a tree on the hill and s___ the fox.

Is the snow cold? Can the w___ blow me down? 
When it rains on the snow, will it turn to ice?

Is the sun hot? The f___ is hot. 
Keep out of the f___. The f___ can h___m you. 
The lamp is with Sis. I do not need the lamp r___ now.

Jim lost his ball. Tim lost his bat. 
They do not have a ball or bat now. 
Jim and Tim ___e sad but they will not cry. 
How can they play the game now? 
They will make up a new game. 
Then they may f___ the ball and bat. 
It was a nice day.

J___ went for a walk. She lost her comb. 
She did not f___ it. However, she found the bat and ball. 
Jim and Tim were glad.

Grant has a kite. I s___ him with it. 
The kite went up high. It had str___ on it. 
The tail on the kite was a long line. 
The kite went higher and higher. 
Grant had a cat with him. 
The cat sat on the ground with Grant.

Dew is on the step. If I sit on the step I will get wet. 
My top will get wet so I will not get to spin it. 
Please get me my tin box and I will put my top in it. 
Thank you for gett___ me my box.

I like to see the birds. The birds hop, fly and s___. 
At n___, when it is d___k, the birds sit in the trees 
so they can go to sleep. 
When the sun gets up in the morn___ the birds get up too. 
They go out and hunt for bugs, flies, and seeds. 
They like to eat flies and bugs. They like to eat seeds too. 
Do you have seeds for the birds?

The fox waits at n___ to get the hens. 
The dog waits to catch the fox. 
The fox may not get the hens if the dog gets him first. 
He is wait___ for the fox. Will the fox come this n___?

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