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Answer the questions below.

True or False:   Short vowels are marked with a happy nose.

True or False:   Long vowels are marked with a smile.

True or False:   You mark the A in the word gnat with a smile.

True or False:   You would mark the vowels in the following words 
with a short A marking.

a cat, ham, an, grab  at, hat, black
hag, that, map, brag, hag, cram, strap
map, jam, tan, van, axe, sap
gag, pad, fly, stash, gnat, flat
gad, lag, tag, brand, pan, gnat, flat

True or False:   The following words all contain the long A vowel sound.

wait, pane, shame, flame, gate, braid, sake, bathe, waif

Which words below have two vowels walking and the first one talking?

boat, pine, tree, floor, sea, game, meat, send, from, mean
beans, steam, stream, glide, same, ride, gleam, beat, coat
moat, tried, team, shame, flame, gate, van, axe, sap, mine

Which of the following words would you mark with two dots on top?

ball, call, car, far, Tess, set, all, star, scar, stall

Which of the following words would you mark with a wavy line on top?

pig, tip, hit, fern, win, germ, tulip, flip, her, whip
kick, trick, herb, Tim, sin, jerk, thin, dim, him, Vern, spin

Which of the following words would you mark with a belt through the C ?

card, petite, can, cake, cash, center, car, candy, magazine, cuff
confine, conspire, confide, cushion, consent, compel, case, cave, coal 

Which of the following words would you mark with a tail under the C ?

city, cease, cinema, candy, cite, cot, city, Cupid, cigar,  embrace
decency, coin, December, cents, spice, icicle, solace, cat, cease

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