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Teachers' Test

1. Explain review. Give examples of three types of review as covered in Step Two.

2. Explain what is meant by drill.

3. Why repeat songs?

4. When an assignment is given to make a report on Digraphs, Blends, etc. found outside the school i.e. bill boards, why is it a good idea for parents to sign the report?

5. When Moon Words are presented in Step Two, they are written with dots separating the syllables. Why are the dots there and why don't the students write the dots when Moon Words are dictated? Explain.

6. What is a Moon Word?

7. If you have an accent, what should you do before presenting phonics pronunciation to your students? Explain.

8. When should you give the final tests? Explain.

9. Why is Braille and other codes suggested in these lessons since they aren't sounds taught in phonics? Explain.

10. Of what importance are the preliminary tests prior to the final tests? Explain.

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