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Teachers' Test

1. What is a Murmur Diphthong? Give three examples. How is a Murmur Diphthong different from an L controlled vowel? Give three examples.

2. What three rules pertain to S sounding like Z? Give three examples of each.

3. What is the vowel sound of A in the word, want?

4. What does S sound like in the word, sure?

5. What is the sound of T in the word, feature?

6. Give an example of a word in which GH sounds like F.

7. What is the sound of CH in the word, cholera?

8. What is the sound of N in the word, pink?

9. What are two sounds for sion and how do they compare with tion? Give examples.

10. Should a teacher take students straight through the course and then repeat, review and reinforce as necessary or should a teacher make sure that each lesson is understood to the best of the students' abilities before going to the next lesson? And when should the tests be given in Step Two? Explain in a paragraph or two.

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