Teachers' Test
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1. Explain Dictation in three simple steps.

Say it! Write it! Correct it!

2. What are Vowel Diphthongs?

Vowel diphthongs are two vowels which come together to make up a sound UNLIKE the regular sound of either vowel.

3. Give six samples of vowel diphthongs.

SAMPLES: aw, ew, ow, ou, oi, oy

4. Write the words that have vowel diphthongs.

potters, Scrooge, paw, father, few, other, garden, hour, how, down, under, house, casket, pout, poison, polite, crooked, noise, perseverance, boy, commitment

paw, few, hour, how, down, pout, house, poison, noise, boy,

5. What are R controlled vowels?

R controlled vowels are vowels that TRY to make their own sound but get swallowed up by the influence of the R which follows them.

6. Give ten samples of R controlled words.

SAMPLES: ar, er, ir, or, ur, ire, are, air, ore, ure

7. Write the words with R controlled vowels:

Rumble, stilt, skin, star, Presley, her, flamboyant, grill, bird, rascal, cord, hurt, fire, Cedarville, dare, rain, rotten, chair, Roy, store, lure, ragged

star, her, bird, cord, hurt, fire, Cedarville, dare, chair, store, lure

8. Explain split vowels with silent E.

Split Vowels with silent e are those vowels that precede a consonant which is followed by the final vowel (E) in a word. The vowel before the consonant makes a LONG vowel sound while the E following the consonant is silent.

9. Write the words that have split vowels with silent E.

tree, fine, Myrtle, bone, shoe, invited, shine, deep, crime, cutie, hate, fresh, mess, Mississippi, came

fine, bone, shine, crime, hate, came

10. Write a paragraph on strenghening the concentration level and focus in children. Base your ideas on lessons presented in Step Two.


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