Teachers' Test
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1. List ten Digraphs, nineteen Blends and five Vowel Combinations that are taught in Step Two.

Digraphs sh, ch, tch, th, ck, wh, gh, gn, kn, ph Blends br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr, str, sn, sp, st, sw, sm, tw, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl vowel combinations: ee, ea, ai, ay, oa.

2. What is the code sentence to remember when you are teaching handwriting: manuscript print style?

Tommy Loves Fat Cats!

3. Please explain the code in five words.


4. Which side do you start printing when writing H ?


5. How do you begin to write the letter O?

Start at the top of the curved part and follow the curve around.

6. In one short paragraph please explain the game "Cheers" which is so often repeated throughout the lessons.

The following information must be provided: The supervisor, or cassette tape, shouts out, "Give me______!" (Letter sounds only!) The student shouts out, "Here is_____!" (Names the letters!) At the same time, the student either reaches for a cut out combination to hold up or points to the chart.

7. What are Digraphs? Blends? Vowel Combinations?

Digraphs are TWO or more consonants that come together to form ONE unique sound of its own.

Blends are TWO or more consonants that come together to make a harmonious sound that is so compatible to the pleasure of a listening ear that it sounds as if one part easily flows into the other.

Vowel Combinations are vowels that pair up, side by side, making the LONG sound of the first vowel. The second vowel remains silent.

8. Write the words that have Digraphs.

shut, flight, sandle, pleasant, chop, girdle, fiddle, violin, fetch, splash, strap, stick, them, noise, lick, skyliner, when, priestly, ghost, gnat, valentine, Disney, cuddle, know, pretty, phone

Answer shut, chop, fetch, them, lick, when, ghost, gnat, know, phone

9. Write the words that have Blends.

bread, cheap, Charlie, church, cross, pick, Rick, drive, from, nasty, grow, tried, Jesus, string, knowledge, snap, spin, stop, Chuckles, swing, small, twin, blend, the, clean, flash, these, glass, thought, plan, light, paw

Answer bread, cross, drive, from, grow, tried, string, snap, spin, stop, swing, small, twin, blend, clean, flash, glass, plan

10. Write the words that have Vowel Combinations.

tree, noise, lick, skyliner, heat, maid, string, princess, snap, say, flight, sandle, boat, the, clean, flash, girdle, fiddle, computer, fax, bead, grab, jump

Answer heat, maid, say, boat, clean, bead

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