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Teachers' Test

1. What sound of G is like a dog's growl?

2. What sound of C is the sound of K?

3. When does G sound like J?

4. Write the words that have soft G.

girl, grumble, graduate, graduation, gum, gym, God, golden, gem, gone, gave, going, ginger, giant, good, gasp, giraffe, Genesis

5. In a vowel combination, which vowel is the long vowel? Which one is silent?

6. What is the rule for hard and soft sounds of G and C?

7. What rule should be followed regarding Y when it follows a consonant in a word or when it follows a vowel?

8. When may Y and W be considered vowels?

9. What is the short vowel rule?

10. Explain the three long vowel rules and give three examples of each rule. .

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