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Dear Supervisor,
Following is the test for SCHEDULE B which follows the first three lessons of Step One. READ ALL OF THIS FIRST AND DO NOT SHOW THIS PAGE TO YOUR STUDENT!

Below you will find the Alphabet written for you, the supervisor. The Alphabet is for your reference only as you VERBALLY ask the following questions of your student.

abc def ghi jkl mno pqr stu vwx yz


Please send me the questions with your written answers telling me how your student is progressing.

Supervisor: please record any alphabetic letters that are said in improper order and tell me how much time it took your student to do this. ==Do NOT let your student see this page!== Please read the questions just as they are written down. Please do not offer any help. If the student fails to complete a question then make a notation of that for me. Thank you. This is a verbal test and I expect you to give this test from beginning to end in one sitting with no breaks. In question number eight, please write down exactly what your student tells you.
I need the following information for each of the questions below. (1) TIME it took your student to perform the task (2) ERRORS (3) Was the task COMPLETED? (4) Did the question seem EASY or DIFFICULT for your student? (5) What was your STARTING TIME for the entire test? (6) What was your ENDING TIME for the entire test?
1. As fast as you can, please say the Alphabet.
2. As fast as you can, please say the Alphabet backwards.
3. As fast as you can, please say the Alphabet in this way. Verbalize every other letter. Whisper the non-verbalized letters.
4. As fast as you can, please say the Alphabet backwards, skipping every two letters.
5. As fast as you can, please say the Alphabet backwards beginning with the letter "r".
6. Please say a word that begins with EACH letter of the Alphabet.
7. Please take dictation of the following letters. Write each letter down as your supervisor SAYS the name of the letter, one at a time. zdfkujrbvlpwqaxmcbftbvmtyjrswzaqpklomhuytgbmnfgrdvecsdxijy
8. Please tell your supervisor the answer to this question: "What did I learn from these first three lessons?"
Please send me this test with ALL the information I have requested. Thank you!
Janae Cooksey