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The answers to the tests for lessons eleven and twelve of Step One are the same as what was dictated during the test:

An old ant can not hop. We can not see an old hot ant hop but we can see a bug run. We can see the rat but he can not see the cat. I can see the rat but the cat can not see me. Yes, the cat can get the rat but the cat had the rat and he let let the rat go.

A dog bit a wet pig in the tub and the wet pig got mad. The wet pig got mad at the dog. Both the pig and the dog ran fast. Both the cat and the rat ran fast. The blind bat can fly but it can not see. The old blind bat can not fly fast. The rat got the bat and the cat got the rat but the pig got the cat. The rat let the bat go. The cat let the rat go and the pig let the cat go. It is the end. The fat pig has a wig and will go get wet in the tub.