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The following are reading exercises. If extra review is desired, they may also be used for dictation of sentences and paragraphs. Extra review should be done on Fridays or over the weekend but should not be done on the day a lesson is taught.

To be used for oral reading in the presence of a supervisor:

The king can swing with his ring on a string around his neck. When the king started to swing and sing, the ring on the string went ping and hit the swing.

A man sat on the grass. He was the king. He forgot his ring on a string. The grass was damp but the man did not fuss. Tess had the ring and she got a kiss from the king.

Nell had a drink but it made a mess on the grill. The grill began to smell. The smell was a stink. The stink got bad and Nell got ill. She had to get a pill. Tell Nell to sell the grill!

Jill had to walk on the catwalk. The cat went on the catwalk with Jill. Jill had to walk and talk with Tim. When Jill and Tim went up the hill, the cat fell in the well and got wet.

The tramp had a cramp. He was damp from the wet grass. He went to camp to get Mr. Yamp. Mr. Yamp was a champ. Mr. Yamp had the lamp on with a clamp at camp. The tramp and Mr. Yamp went to the damp grass to walk and talk.

The blind man went up the hill and sat on the swing. His mind was on the king's ring that had to be on a string. He had shells to sell but the shells got wet when he got the cat out of the well. The shells fell in the well when he got the cat. The blind man got up and sat on the swing. Oh! Oh! He sat on the king's ring!

The round mound was on the ground. It had to confound the hound from the pound when he found the sound.

The old king had to get his golden ring on a string. Tess had found it in the mound on the ground. It was old. It was gold. It did not get mold. It was not sold.

The king had lost the ring. Would he get it? Should he get it? Could he get it? Tess had it. She had found it in the mound on the ground. Would she get a kiss? Should she kiss the king? Could she get the ring to the king?

He thought he ought not to fight. Then he fought and thought it was the gift he bought from Bess. Bess had brought the gift with Tess. He got it from Bess. It was a hound from the pound. The gift ran and ran. He thought he ought to run after him. He ran after the hound from the pound. He fought for it and he bought it. So he sought it.

The groom had mold in his food. It got in his boot. His spoon fell in the pool. It was noon and the hen was still roosting in bed. The groom was not in a good mood. On the roof was a man snooping. A man with a hood was going to find the snoop. The snoop fell into the pool and got wet. He found the spoon and took it to look at it. The food was not on it. Then the crook, with the cook, fell in the brook. The groom stood up and shook. It was not a good hour!


The blind man cannot find his ring on a string by the swing.

Dwight had a slight fight at midnight and might not make the right flight.

He did not try to pry but he had to cry when the fly began to fry.

The mice got in the rice and the lice got on the nice man with the dice.

The umpire sat on a tire with a wire from the fire that he got from the squire.

In one hour the flour had a sour smell.

The scout shouted at the stout trout when he pouted.

It was old and gold when it was sold but it had mold.

He could do it, but would he do it, and should he do it?

First he sought it, then he bought it and brought it to the girl but she thought he fought for it.

The broom was for the tooth that fell in the food when the groom lost his cool.

Look in the brook to find the shook cook.

The poor thing has its wing in a sling.

The lass in the class had a mess on the grass by the brass glass she got from Miss Nass.

The chalk fell on the walk which made him balk when it began to talk.

The tramp and the champ at camp had a damp stamp by the lamp with the clamp.

The king had lost his ring. Would he find it? Should he find it? Tess had found it in the mound on the ground but could she get it to him in time to get a kiss?


Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.