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Read the following sentences slowly and carefully. You may have to repeat several times as your student writes what he or she hears. Be sure to correct each sentence before you dictate the next one.



Begin with the sentences. Dictate the sentences until your student becomes so familiar with them that he or she can nearly guess what you are going to say next. Then dictate the paragraphs and do the same. Your student should become very familiar with the paragraphs. Review and reinforce until dictation becomes second nature for your student and he or she competently proves success.


I can get that cane.

That cub got a cube.

That cute child cut his lip.

She set the pan on the pane.

The tub made the tube wet.

It was dim but the dime had to be mine.

He had a cap and a cape.

He stuck a pin on the pine.

I did not get a note.

Kit had a kite.

He slid down the slide.

The man went to rob him and got his robe.

He made a din on his plate when he went to dine with Mom.

Get rid of that old car and ride with me.

She gave me a huge hug.

He got mad and made a din.

He rode with a fishing rod in his hand.

It is time for Tim to get up.

Sam had the same name.

Did he or she tap on the tape?

Ride the van to the vane.

He had a plan to get a plane.

She had a plum in her hand and a plume in her hat.

Each child on the porch has a chin.

Which child is rich?

Such a student sits on the porch to think.

The third bath is with the fish.

Shop with fresh cash in the shade.

Which ship is in the bath tub and which fish is white?.

Why get that whip?

His thumb is wet from the fish tank.

Match it and patch it.

Snatch it.

Latch it.

Hatch it first, then catch it.

Match the red hat.

Patch the rip.

Latch the gate.

Let the hen hatch.

The night is light.

He had a fight and he might be frightened.

It is tight.

It is bright.

It was a sight.

The plight was a sight.

It was not right.

That fish is not a crab.

Bring me the cash.

The drum is fun.

Fred is a grand trapper and Grant is in a trap.

Strap on the belt.

Snap the strap, stop and catch the rat in that trap.

Then patch the swing.

The twin is not fat.

The twine is black.

The clock is not right.

The flock is back.

I am glad to be a bug in a rug.

Plot a plan.

He did not slip on the rock.

The street has sheep on it.

I went to sleep.

It made a peep.

The jeep sits on the street. Beep! Beep!

See me weep.

It is steep.

Keep me safe.

The van is on the street.

His feet can not stand on the street.

I am glad to meet him or her.

It is deep.

Can I eat the meat?

I can beat the drum.

Leap with me.

It is neat.

Can I have wheat?

Patch the seam.

It is a light beam.

I am on the team.

Can I get cream?

I got wet in the stream.

He or she had a bad dream.

Lean on me.

She paid a dime.

Raid the ice box and get a pop.

He has a brain.

Go get a chain and he will get the log for you.

It can rain on Main Street.

Stay the day with me.

Pay the man.

The gray stray dog may stay.

Pray that he or she can get it.

The goat had a coat on.

She sat in a boat that did not float.

She had no soap.

So she did not soak it.

I saw the man on the lawn.

The fawn stands on the street.

The law can get him or her.

Can he or she crawl yet?

She can bawl.

He got in a brawl.

It was the cat's paw.

Was it raw?

Can she yawn?

Draw that claw.

It is a bug on his jaw.

Can it crawl on his jaw? Naw!

Few men can get it.

The dew is wet.

It is new.

The wind blew.

The dog got it to chew.

I knew it.

He or she grew it.

The dog can howl.

It was a fowl.

It went pow!

Now get the cow and put it in the tub for a bath.

That dog will bow wow.

She will get her coat after we go to a show.

Can the wind blow?

Throw it to me.

Row the boat in the bath tub.

She can grow it.

It can flow and it can glow but it cannot grow.

Mow it down now.

The queen is a clown in the crowd but she has a crown down town.

Now he or she can tow it.

Shout it out.

Do not pout.

The trout is a stout fish.

It is loud.

She is proud.

It was a mound in the ground.

It was a hound from the pound.

The hound from the pound made a sound at the mound in the ground.

Did it boil in the foil?

Make it moist and broil it.

Hoist it up and point to the oil.

She cannot get it to boil.

Get a coil and join in the toil.

The soil is moist.

That coin is his.

The toy is not his.

That boy is in the joint without his toy and he or she is sad.

Roy cannot get that boy's toy.

Enjoy the toy, Roy.

Enjoy the toy, Joy.

The car is not a van.

It is jam in a jar.

See the tar.

It went far.

Wish on a star.

Park that van now.

The dog can bark.

She saw a shark.

It was dark.

The clerk is her mom.

Do not jerk.

He runs the herd.

She is Mom's helper.

She is a singer.

He is the leader.

I saw a bird.

It was in the dirt.

Can I squirt that bird?

Was that a chirp?

The girl had a thirst.

She had no glass with which to drink.

She was thirsty.

The first is not hers to burn.

The third is her turn.

It was for me when I was born, but now it is torn and worn.

I was born in the North.

It is a cord.

He had a burn on his hand.

Did he or she turn on the curve?

Can she churn it in the urn?

The dog hurt me when he bit me.

The chair is mine.

It is in the air.

I went to the fair.

I cut my hair.

He went to his lair.

She had a pair of cubs.

My hand is sore.

It is a bore.

Can I do that chore?

She went to the store.

May I get more?

She tore it.

She wore it.

She is demure.

The king had a ring on a string.

The king sat on the swing.

He or she started to sing.

He or she began jumping.

He or she went camping.

The man was sending a boy to camp with him.

The blind man was standing on the street to beg.

The man could not see when that car went by, but he felt the splash.

It looks like it might rain on her.

Will he get wet or will he find a dry bed?

I wish that I could help him or her.

I thank God that I am not blind!


She has a top in a tin box. Go and get the top from the tin box. Shut up the box with the top in it. Now the lid is on the tin box with the top in it.

The hole has a rat in it. The cat cannot get the rat from the hole. I hope the rat stays in the hole. The cat can get the rat if he gets out.

I saw the fox dig a den for himself. I was on the hill and saw the fox dig a den. Soon the fox ran out of his den. His fur was red. We sat up in a tree on the hill and saw the fox.

Is the snow cold? Can the wind blow me down? When it rains on the snow, will it turn to ice?

Is the sun hot? The fire is hot. Keep out of the fire. The fire can harm you. The lamp is with Sis. I do not need the lamp right now.

Jim lost his ball. Tim lost his bat. They do not have a ball or bat now. Jim and Tim are sad but they will not cry. How can they play the game now? They will make up a new game. Then they may find the ball and bat. It was a nice day.

Jane went for a walk. She lost her comb. She did not find it. However, she found the bat and ball. Jim and Tim were glad.

Grant has a kite. I saw him with it. The kite went up high. It had string on it. The tail on the kite was a long line. The kite went higher and higher. Grant had a cat with him. The cat sat on the ground with Grant.

Is the sun up? It is not cold. I must not go out to sit on the step. It is still too wet from the rain.

Dew is on the step. If I sit on the step I will get wet. My top will get wet so I will not get to spin it. Please get me my tin box and I will put my top in it. Thank you for getting me my box.

I like to see the birds. The birds hop, fly and sing. At night, when it is dark, the birds sit in the trees so they can go to sleep. When the sun gets up in the morning the birds get up too. They go out and hunt for bugs, flies, and seeds. They like to eat flies and bugs. They like to eat seeds too. Do you have seeds for the birds?

The fox waits at night to get the hens. The dog waits to catch the fox. The fox may not get the hens if the dog gets him first. He is waiting for the fox. Will the fox come this night?


Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.