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The supervisor, or cassette tape, shouts out, "Give me_______!" (Digraph, blend, or vowel combination!) The student shouts out, "I got it! It's spelled______ and sounds like ____!" At the same time, the student writes the combination. When all is called out, the student reviews his paper orally.

Vowel diphthongs and r controlled vowels are copied from the chart and cut out. When the student hears the sound, he or she picks out the combination and repeats the sound seven times quickly!

Clowning Around with the Alphabet

Digraphs, blends, and vowel combinations are mixed up and spread around the floor. Music is played and the student tip toes from set to set. Suddenly the music stops! The student pretends to be a tree with arms extended like branches. he or she says the sound, of the letters at his feet, in a high pitched voice mimicking a myna bird.

The music begins again and the student tip toes around the letters once more. When the music stops he or she pretends to be a flower and puts his arms high above his head with his hands together. This time he or she says the sound of the letters at his feet in a soft, melodious, voice. After all, he or she is a beautiful flower.

The process is repeated several times. When the music stops the student may want to be a dog (hands forming two ears, sounding a growl) or a cat (fingers make like whiskers, sounding like a purr). he or she may wish to emulate a fox (howl), baby (cry), mouse (munching cheese), etc.

Noisemakers vs Freeze to Alphabet Sounds

Digraphs, blends, vowel combinations, vowel diphthongs, and r controlled vowels are listed on a paper for the student to view. Certain ones are designated to be noisy or quiet. (No more than five sets at a time!) The supervisor, or cassette tape, spells out the digraph, etc. The student finds it listed, says its sound, and crosses it off the list. However, when the combination sounded happens to be a noisy one, the student screams and shouts, making all the noise he or she can make for thirty seconds only. If the combination happens to be a quiet one, the student must freeze, making like a statue for sixty seconds. When all the combinations have been sounded and no classifications are left, the game is over.

Burst the Balloon

Balloons are blown up and tied at the neck with string. Digraphs, blends, vowel combinations, vowel diphthongs, r controlled vowels and ing are printed on the balloons with a marker. The student is given a balloon and asked to classify the combination (digraph, etc.) and say its sound. If the student is correct, he or she sits on the balloon to burst it. If incorrect, the balloon is put into a corner. When all the balloons have burst, except for the ones not known, the student reviews the remaining balloons. When it appears as if the student recognizes them, the supervisor sits on the balloons.

Game Variations

The student may wish to make cookies. Form the dough in the shape of vowel diphthongs and r controlled vowels.

The student may enjoy making sponge diphthongs, etc. and soaking them in food coloring. When the letters are dry, use glue and sprinkle glitter.

Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.