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Richard Roberts: President of O.R.U
Radio Interview
With Bill and Janae Cooksey


Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Peptic Ulcer, Gall Bladder, Kidney, Colon, Bowels, Lungs

Taken From "Cooksey's American Carousel Radio Classics"
Bill and Janae Cooksey

BILL: Janae, we're getting too old to take this kind of pressure.

JANAE: Oh, you're just frustrated because it didn't go just the way you'd planned it. The interview with LaVerne at 8:40 was great. Jeff Fenholt wasn't upset when we didn't call him until five after nine. In fact, Jeff was so comfortable with us that he didn't remember he started off saying that we had to make it quick because of an appointment he had.

BILL: Yeah. That was cute. After about ten minutes into the interview he said, "Hey, I told you I had to rush off and this had to be quick. But now you can't get rid of me."

JANAE: See! It's been an extremely memorable morning. Richard Roberts is a "PRO". You wait and see.

BILL: Well, we won't have long to wait. In fact, Rich is signaling us from the control room to put on the earphones.

RICH: Hey, Bill. Richard Roberts' office called and they need to move it up an extra fifteen minutes. So take a breather.

BILL: Thanks, Rich. We'll do that.

JANAE: See. The Lord has it all worked out.

BILL: But suppose Richard gets tied up with a phone call or he just decides to go to lunch early.

JANAE: Don't say lunch. You know these interviews drain me. And all I want to do afterwards is go eat.

BILL: That's nice. It sounds like a lovely idea. What are you going to eat on? Your looks?

JANAE: Oh, hush. When you get doubtful and frustrated, you aren't much fun at all. I thought you were a "Man of Faith".

BILL: I guess I had you fooled all along.

RICH: Let's check the levels so we'll be right on target when we call.

JANAE: Testing one-two-three-four.....

RICH: Bill?

BILL: This is a test...testing one--two--three.....four.

JANAE: And now here is our Producer, Engineer and talented Director...the one and only...Rich.."Woo..Wuff "...Take a bow, Rich.

RICH: Come on, You Two. We've got a show to do.

BILL: Yes. Straighten up, Mrs. Cooksey. We must act very prim and proper. We're about to interview a distinguished University President.

RICH: You guys are getting punchy. And I've got Richard's office on the line. They're transferring the call to his desk. Hang on.

Richard: Hello.

RICH: Richard this is Rich Woodruff at KCBC, the Producer of the Cookseys' program. They're standing by to start the interview. Let me hook everybody up together, so you all can hear each other.

RICHARD: Okay. I'm ready.

RICH: Stand by.....Cooksey's American Carousel interview with Richard Roberts begins in three...two



COOKSEY: Ladies and Gentlemen, we've never had on Cooksey's American Carousel the President of a major university. And I'm excited about this, Janae. Here he is, our friend from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the President of ORU, Richard Roberts. How are you, Richard?

ROBERTS: Bill and Janae, I'm fine. God bless you. And greetings from sunny, warm Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oral Roberts University.

COOKSEY: I heard about that. I was talking to your secretary, Gwen. She said it's a nice day there today. But with that heat in Oklahoma, it can at times be a bit uncomfortable.

ROBERTS: Well, one thing is for sure. This time of year it's still hot. It's still summer. It's in the nineties.

COOKSEY: You know, Richard, I've never talked to the President of University on the radio. How does it feel to be the President of ORU.

ROBERTS: Well, Bill, when I was elected President, I didn't know what to expect. They can tell you what it's like to strap on a parachute and jump out of a plane. But until you do it, there's just no way you're going to know what parachuting is like. There was nothing that could prepare me for what it was actually like, although I had worked in a number of different areas. I started in our ministry when I was twelve years old in the mail room helping and working. I worked in so many different areas of the University. Then, I served for 8 years as the Executive Vice President of the school. But, when I became President three and one-half years ago, I really didn't have a clue what it was like. I'm still not sure I can answer your question. But, I'm trying to learn how to be President of the University. It's a great feeling. It's a wonderful thing to be involved with educating young men and women. Not only academically, but also helping them to learn how to hear the Voice of God and find God's Calling for their lives.

COOKSEY: How many students do you have now?

ROBERTS: Four thousand, seven hundred and fourteen this Fall. We just began the 96-97 academic year about two weeks ago.

COOKSEY: Oh, that's wonderful. We just talked a while back to LaVerne Tripp on the phone. He was telling us about how he went to one of your Dad's meetings way back when. And that's what inspired him. He saw your Dad pick up that guitar and sing that song. That event inspired him to do that "Heroes" album with T.L. and Brother Schambach and the rest of them.

ROBERTS: As a matter of fact, they sang that song together on that album..."When He Reached Down His Hand For Me".

COOKSEY: Isn't that unbelievable? See, we don't realize what God is doing early on in our lives. Do we?

ROBERTS: That's right.

COOKSEY: My wife and I heard about a man that was in a TV studio cueing up a tape of one of your past programs. The guy had a physical problem with his leg or something. And on the tape, you were praying the prayer for healing and "Bingo", he got healed right at that moment in the studio.

ROBERTS: Well, God's no respecter of persons.

COOKSEY: Tell me, when did you first find Jesus in your life, Richard?

ROBERTS: Bill, I accepted Christ as a little boy. But I ran away from God during my teenage years. I totally rejected Him. I totally rejected my parents. As a matter a fact, it was the early days of ORU and this was the last place on earth I wanted to go to school. When I graduated from high school in 1966, I was totally backslidden. I went away to the University of Kansas to pursue a music and athletic career. While I was there, the Holy Spirit dealt with me that I was in the wrong place. And I came back to ORU the following year and became a student here. While I was a student at ORU during my Junior year, I accepted Christ as my Savior and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. And I found myself. It was in the Fall of 1968 that I received Christ while living here in the dormitory. I was baptized in the Spirit that night. Across the hall from my dormitory room were a group of men who were involved in a prayer meeting. I went across the hall and asked them what they were doing. And five minutes later, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

COOKSEY: And life hasn't been the same since. Has it?

ROBERTS: It's a dangerous question to ask, "What are you doing?"...when you walk into a room with young men praying in tongues.

COOKSEY: Oh, isn't that the truth? I'm telling you!

ROBERTS: I didn't have any idea that God would call me to preach...or God would call me into the healing ministry...or that I would ever become President of Oral Roberts University. I was just hoping to graduate!

COOKSEY: Just to get through it! What about when you went out after that point? I know that you did a lot of singing and were on the TV program a lot. But then, you went out in your own ministry and were evangelizing abroad. How did that first affect you?

ROBERTS: Well, it affected me in a very strong way. I knew that it wouldn't be long until I would be involved in the ministry. My father and I at that time had been estranged. But our relationship was quickly healed. And I joined his ministerial team. I finished my education earning my Bachelor's degree from ORU. Then later I earned a Master's degree in our seminary. I have an MIA in Practical Theology from ORU. I hit the evangelistic field singing, preaching and standing by my father's side. It had a profound effect upon preparing me for what I'm doing today. Years later, in the early Eighties, the Lord spoke to me about forty nations that I would preach in during my lifetime. And I've been in about 8 or 9 of those. Others will be coming as He leads. It has effected me profoundly, especially as the healing ministry came into my life. Seventeen years ago, the Gifts of the Spirit began to flow through my life. And particularly, the Word of Knowledge, the Gift of Healing and I thank God for that. All of that together has worked together to prepare me for what I believe is the most important thing I'll ever do. They say success without a successor is failure. And if the Lord tarries, one of these days my father will be going Home to be with the Lord. He's 78 years old. But his work will never die as long as Oral Roberts University students are going around the earth. We are his successors...thousands and thousands of us. We've affected 35,000 young people who've attended ORU. They're already all over the world. The ministry of Oral Roberts will never die as long as students and graduates of ORU are ministering around the earth.

COOKSEY: Well, not only that, but they're also helping others and teaching others who will go out from them.

ROBERTS: It's the multiplied effect!

COOKSEY: That's exactly right. Richard, when you go to those crusades and I know you've seen it. How does it differ when you do a healing or salvation crusade in another country or Africa or somewhere else as compared to a large crusade or healing service in America?

ROBERTS: Well, it doesn't differ at all, Bill, in the format or the way that God uses me. I think perhaps as a general rule, I see more dramatic miracles overseas...especially, in Third World nations. I think one reason is because the people are so hungry for anything of God. Whereas, here in America we're cafeteria-ized. In America, we say, "Well, now, I don't believe I like the way that guy parts his hair. So, I won't take his ministry." Whereas, overseas they're so hungry. It's sort of like fishing off the coast of Florida. The marlin are very sophisticated off the coast of Florida. You have to live-bait fish them. You have to give them a live fish. However, if you go over about 150 miles over into the Bahamas, those fish are so hungry, you can throw a frozen mullet on the end of your line and catch a 150 pound marlin. Because, they're hungry. In the Third World nations people are hungry for God. I remember one night we were in a prayerline and I was with Kenneth Copeland. And Kenneth went to lay hands on a woman who had a goiter. And she said, "Oh,! No, don't pray for me. I'm saving that for Oral Roberts." We've been cafeteria-ized. We say, "I only want to receive it in one way." Whereas, in nations overseas, especially in the Third World, they want God no matter how you can get Him to them.

COOKSEY: That's true. That's exactly right. It makes a big difference. You know, I heard you say something on TV once a few years back that really had a profound effect on our lives. We were preparing to make an important decision involving the continuation of our radio programs that our ministry has now been associated with for twelve years. Something had happened and we weren't sure that it was really the Will of God for us to continue. And I heard you say that if you were given the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a great crusade, on TV, on radio, on a street corner or in a hamburger would seize the opportunity.


COOKSEY: I heard you say that and I thought, "I'm giving up an opportunity. I cannot do that." You definitely had a profound effect on our ministry. If we hadn't followed your example to move forward in spite of temporary obstacles, we probably wouldn't be speaking with you right now.

ROBERTS: Well, I'm delighted to hear that.

COOKSEY: When each of us says things like that, we really don't know whose life it's going to touch. But at that point, we truly needed a Word from God. And you were just on a program speaking. We heard you say,... "For one soul...just to have the opportunity to share the Gospel!" How powerful that is! Since you've observed so many students over the years at ORU, how have you seen lives changed? In other words, when they come to ORU...maybe they already know Jesus, but how do they grow in the Lord there? And how do you see them dispersing what they've learned? Do you have a lot of pastors that come out of your University?

ROBERTS: Oh, we certainly do. As a matter of fact, one of the most exciting things about ORU, beyond the academics...for which we make no the strong power of prayer. On Wednesdays and Fridays the entire campus shuts down for an hour. We join together in our Christ Chapel building with singing, praising God, worshipping, speaking in tongues, strong preaching of the Word of God, miracles and signs and wonders...and that's not voluntary, that's mandatory on this campus. We're going to have Chapel on Wednesdays and Fridays. Then, on Sunday night we have a voluntary service. We do not have a church service on Sunday morning on purpose. We want our students to be out in the churches across the community. They're in scores of churches every Sunday. And then on Sunday evening, we join together for a voluntary service. We've been averaging about 1500 students on Sunday evenings. There's an opportunity for you to be exposed to so many types of ministry. I'm very careful in selection of who I bring on campus. I try to expose our students to all different types of ministry...the prophetic...the teaching ministry. I bring pastors on campus. Those who are involved in evangelistic work. Those who specialize in all types of missions work. The students have a wide variety of contact with ministers not only in the Chapel, but also in the classroom. Our professors are men and women of God. It's said that probably 60%...maybe 70% of the students are charismatic. They pray in tongues. Not everyone who comes to ORU is a Christian. Predominately, most everyone would be. But, I came as a non-Christian. However, it's very hard to leave here without knowing Christ. Last year, I personally led five of our basketball team members to the Lord through Jesus Christ.

COOKSEY: Praise God! That's wonderful! That's all that matters.

ROBERTS: There's been a remarkable change in those five young men's lives. Now, these are young men who can really play ball. You know, a "born again" turkey is still a turkey. Some people say, "Why don't you just go out and recruit Christian basketball players?" Well, I want them to be Christian, but I also want them to be able to dribble a basketball. Let me find some talent and then work on them to get saved.

COOKSEY: Isn't that what God does?

ROBERTS: Certainly.

COOKSEY: That's it ! He finds talent.

ROBERTS: He found an old boy who knew how to catch fish named Peter. He said, "Now, let me teach you how to catch men." The street people followed Jesus...the rough ones...the tax collectors.

COOKSEY: The misfits!

ROBERTS: The Christian community wants to clean their fish before they catch them. But, I notice when I go fishing, I like to catch the fish and get them in the boat before I clean them.

COOKSEY: You know, Richard, right now someone's listening in a car or at home or they're all alone. They probably don't have that option all the time. Would you just take a moment and tell them...just like you're talking right now...tell them how easy it is for them to become a part of the Kingdom of God? And please pray that prayer with them that's so important in their life.

ROBERTS: The Bible says, "If we confess our sins, He is Faithful and Just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." You that are listening, there's no distance in prayer. You may be in the Greater San Francisco area. Here I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But God is on this line that I'm talking on. And you're listening to my voice, as well as the Voice of the Holy Spirit, Whose Voice is so much more important than mine. And in the Authority of Jesus Christ, I stretch out my faith to you right now. If you want to turn from the lifestyle that you're in. If you want to turn to something much bigger and greater than you. If you want to turn away from being your own god to the one True God, then I know how to lead you to Jesus Christ. Maybe you feel about a million miles away from God. Maybe something has happened in your life and you don't think God would ever accept you. I've got news. Like that old song, "Just As I Am", you can come to Him exactly as you are. He loves you so much. He loves you just like you are. But He loves you more than that. He loves you enough to help you make some changes in your life to help bring you closer to Him. And so, in the Authority of Jesus Name, I set my faith in agreement. And I pray that all of you that are listening will make a commitment to Jesus Christ. And I pray right now for the Holy Spirit to move on your life and for you to say, "Father, forgive me. Forgive me of all my sins. I confess them to You. I am truly sorry. I repent. I change my mind. I turn my back on the past. I renounce the devil and all of his works. And I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior." Come on, just pray that with me. As you pray with me, I believe that Jesus Christ will save you and deliver you and take your feet out of the miry clay and set you upon a solid rock. I'm praying and I'm believing God to baptize you in the Holy Spirit...and to fill your life with His Precious Joy and that His Anointing Oil would just flow all over you. And that you'll never be the same again from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet in your mind, in your spirit, in your body, in your family, in your finances, in your emotions and in every area of your life. Make a decision today for Jesus. You'll never regret it. Amen.

COOKSEY: You know, Richard, the people that are Christians and I know there are some that right now are fresh, baby Christians that are hearing this message while others have been seasoned for years and they have never taken advantage of a Believer's right to pray for deliverance and healing. Now, I know that you have that special Gift of Healing. Would you please just pray a brief prayer for someone who's listening right now who says, "I'm sick in the body. I've had a terrible disease. Or, I just can't get over this."? Would you just encourage them and pray that prayer. Because God wants to touch someone right now. I know He does.

ROBERTS: Father, in the Authority of Jesus Name, once again I know there's no distance in prayer. And I come against the satanic attack in the body. I speak to pain in the head. I command it to go. I speak to arthritis. I command it to go. Someone right now, even listening, you have a peptic ulcer and God's healing you right now. I know that by the Word of Knowledge. Thank You, Father. I give You praise. I speak to the blood condition. I command your blood to be made whole...for the red cells...the white be made perfectly whole. I speak to those outlaw cells trying to put cancer on someone. In the Authority of Jesus Name, I rebuke you. I command you to line up with the Word of God. And I remind you His Word says, "I am the Lord that healeth thee." I speak to the heart condition,...the osteoporosis. I pray for you to be healed today from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. I speak to every artery, every vein, every capillary in your body. I speak to muscle and bone diseases. I command you in Jesus Name line up with the Word of God. I speak to your lungs, your kidney, your colon, your bowels...I speak to every area of your body...all of your vital organs, including your liver and your gall bladder. I speak to your back and your legs and your feet and your elbows and your fingers and your neck...And I pray for you to be made every area of your life. Spirit of infirmity...GO! In the Authority of Jesus' Name. And, Father, I know You hear me when I pray. And I believe that you're beginning to work miracles in people's lives right now. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God.

COOKSEY: And it's done.


COOKSEY: It's done. Somebody got healed.

ROBERTS: Hallelujah! You're going to get calls from people when this program is aired. You're going to get calls that the people have been touched by God.

COOKSEY: That's right! I believe that!

ROBERTS: I pray that nasal passages are opening right now as I'm speaking.

COOKSEY: Praise God! Richard, you know the woman who was extremely instrumental in leading my wife to the Lord went to one of your father's meetings and got a healing. And she didn't really believe in all of that at the time. But she went anyway and got healed. And because of that and her faith, she was able to pass on that Gospel message to my wife. And that's why she is here with me today on the radio.

ROBERTS: Hallelujah.

COOKSEY: So God is doing a work. And I won't hold you up, but, I'll tell you one thing. You have been one blessing and a half, Richard Roberts. We love you and we will pray for you and Lindsay. And, will you come back on the program again sometime?

ROBERTS: I will do it. And I thank you for this opportunity to be on with you in the San Francisco area. God bless all of you up in Northern California. We love you and appreciate you. We hope to be with you again soon.

COOKSEY: Thank you, Brother. God bless you, now.

ROBERTS: God bless you.

COOKSEY: Bye-bye.