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The STEP TWO classes will have much review for the visual and sound recognition of Alphabetic combinations. It is necessary that the content of STEP ONE be mastered before beginning the study of STEP TWO. This means that a student commencing the study of the second Step should know the Alphabet by name and sound, recognize vowels and consonants in their classification and be able to spell three letter words by hearing the location of the letters, whether they be sounded in the beginning, middle or the end of the word.

In Step Two we will present visual and sound recognition. A partial list includes the following:

Diacritical markings will be presented in these classes for all phonetic words that we teach. Your student will be given rules

to learn. He or she will be asked to practice the application of these rules with their markings. Your student also will learn to exercise the ability to take written dictation of words, sentences or paragraphs.

He or she will learn to pronounce words already coded with diacritical markings. Reading, writing, and spelling skills will increase as the student is taught, reinforced, and reviewed with drill.

There are stories and dramatizations in the written format. Many novel and innovative game activities are also introduced, while original songs set to traditional children's melodies add spice to this creative approach to learning.

The classes will be complete and much more than you could expect for preparing any student for a future of reading. However, in order for the classes to be productive you must be prepared to give yourself and your time to the student of your choice.