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STEP TWO of The International School
of Foundational Phonics Online
founded/directed by Bill and Janae Cooksey

People have called Foundational Phonics delightfully refreshing!

It is scholastic in nature and entertaining in its presentation.

Some recognize it as something new  but it is really something Old!

It is something to be proud of!

As Seen On Tv
As Heard On Radio

As Presented In Magazines
And Newspapers

Around The World
For All Ages

Amazing Results

WELCOME TO STEP TWO of The School of Foundational Phonics Online

The lesson plans and Menu table are prepared to give you advance knowledge. It is expected that you will follow the plans in sequential order from the first to the last.

It is also expected that you will review and drill your students until your students have mastered Step Two before taking the final tests. There are ten tests prepared for you to give your students that may be repeated as many times as necessary to confirm that the course content has been grasped and understood. However, the final three tests are to be given only once. If your students are not able to pass the final three tests independently of your assistance then they have not passed Step Two and should not be permitted to go to Step Three. They will need to start the WHOLE course over as if they had not gone through it the first time around.

Take your time.

Go in sequential order.

If your students have not mastered this course when you reach the end, then start over and review it again. If you go forward now, your students will be exposed to all the material. So when you review, the reinforcement exercises will be much easier the second time around. Don't get bogged down by trying to repeat each lesson until it is fully mastered before you continue the lessons that follow.

Let me repeat: If your students do not understand all the material presented when you first introduce it, just keep going forward until you reach the end of the Step Two lesson plans. Then go back and review the concepts from beginning to end once again. Keep repeating this process until it is extremely easy for your students to understand ALL that is presented in these plans! Do this BEFORE you give the final three tests!

Step Two is written with you, the teacher, in mind. It is written with the idea that you may want to use it with your entire class, a small group of students or even on an individual basis. You may want to guide and instruct parents and grandparents in helping their children at home or you may want to conduct before and after school tutoring sessions. However you do it, just be sure to follow the plans in sequential order for success.

Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.