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These plans are written with the idea of a "crash course" in phonics for ages five through adult. This is Step Two of a three step program.



The blind man cannot find his ring. Ted's mind had to be on the string that had the ring. He had five kinds of shells to sell. He got behind in class yesterday. He had to unwind the string now to get the ring. Would he get it for the blind man? Nell fell from the swing on the hill when she saw what he was going to do.


Dwight had a fight in the bright sunlight. He might not get the right flight. The fight might keep him from getting his flight at midnight. It will not be light and the flight will be quite a sight. Dwight had a tight fist.


The flight of hens in the sky went by my classroom. Why did I not try to spell? Why did the hens try to fly in the sky? It was late when I saw the bug. The bug began to fry. Oh my!


The mice got on the rice that the nice man started to eat. Then the dice fell in the mess. He made a sound when he found that he had lice. What a price!


The fire was a bright sight on the hill in the sunlight. The fire was still on the hill at midnight. The squire and the umpire sat on the tire. Both made a sound when the men found a wire from the fire.


In one hour the flour had a sour smell. Our class did not devour sour flour. The cooks had fun.


The man went to shout at the scout on the hill. Why did the stout trout pout at the scout with the fishing rod?


He found the hound at the pound. The round mound was on the ground. The hound from the pound made a sound at the mound on the ground. It had to confound the hound.


It was an old gold thing. It had mold when it was sold. He told the old king to get a golden swing but the king got an old rope with mold. It did not hold.


Could he do it? Would he do it? Should he do it? I could get it from Bess and Tess. He should go with me. It would be nice to get the mice from Bess and Tess.


He thought he ought to fight. It was the golden thing for which he sought. It was not the hound from the pound nor the old thing that he brought. He thought he ought to get it. He fought for it. He bought it in the end. He paid a price but it was nice. It was a golden urn full of mice.


The king had a fling. The hen's wing was in a sling. The king and the hen began to sing. The swing had a spring. It went ping when the king told the hen that he could sing and ring that thing.


The class had a mess on the grass. Tess had to pass the glass. The glass had milk in it. Alas, the lass did not wish to miss the brass band. She made no fuss when Kevin Boss went to toss the glass. He had to clean up the mess. She did not wish to be late.

Miss Cass had the lass take a glass in class. The lass did not sass Miss Cass. She did not wish for the glass in class to make a mess like it did on the grass.


The food had mold and the bride's tooth fell in the groom's boot. The snoop was snooping from the roof. The hen was roosting in the groom's bed.

At noon, when it was cool, the spoon was found in the pool. The groom went to get a bloom for the bride.

He saw the snoop and made a loop. If he could get up on the roof, he would swoop at the snoop. He had been in a good mood. He would not stoop to shoot the snoop.

The bloom would droop soon under the moon. Make room for the groom on the roof.

The groom and the snoop got into a slight fight. Then it was midnight.

By the firewood stood a crook. The crook had to look to find the cook. The crook had to look in the brook to find the cook with the cookbook.

The crook had his foot in the soot by the firewood. He took the poor cook's cookbook and stood with his foot in the brook. The crook had a hood. Now the snoop was in the brook with the cook.

Look at the good food in the cookbook. Both the crook and the snoop left to get good food. The groom went to the bride and stood by her side.


Nell had to smell the grill. Tell Nell to sell that thing. It is not well. The spill made a mess on the grill. Jill went up the hill to fill the glass for the spill. She got ill and had to get a pill. The shell in the well still had string on it. Could Lill get the shell? She had to yell at Jill from the well. Yes, Jill and Lill will still bring the ring to Tess. It is best that she sell the ring to the king's son. The king cannot seem to keep it. Oh! Oh! Jill will kill the ill bug on Lill!


The cat went on the walk and Jill had chalk in her hand. When Jill saw the cat, her hand shook and the chalk went down, without a sound, to the walk. Why did she balk?


At camp Mr. Jamp was a champ. At camp Mr. Slamp was a tramp. Mr. Jamp had the lamp on and Mr. Slamp had the clamp. The tramp went to the ramp to stamp his feet. Mr. Jamp went to get the clamp for the lamp.


Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.