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When you make flash cards you will need something to write on and you will need scissors, marker and pen or pencil.

You may prefer to use index cards but you can cut up sheets of paper about the size of index cards.

As the letters are introduced individually or in sets (combinations), you will want to have the flashcards prepared in advance of the selected study session.

Print the letters or their combinations separately on different cards. Do not write in cursive. Make the letters as big as possible.

If you want flash cards with letters written in cursive writing, then make a second set for your use.

Black Markers are better to print your letters with because they are darker and easier to read. Do not use color unless you use dark red, blue, green or brown on white paper. Always use white paper and NEVER use light colors for your printed letters.

You may want to purchase stencils to trace your letters but it is not necessary. Just do your best to print out each letter as you see it on your computer screen. Your student is already exposed to various styles of graphics display writing if he or she watches television or sees a magazine....

Be sure to prepare your lessons in advance and make certain that your flashcards are current with the lessons of each day.

You may want to find a small box in which to keep your flashcards.

When they tear just make new ones or buy plastic sheets to cut up and tape each card within.

Another idea for longer lasting time would be to laminate your cards and then cut them out. You can laminate at places like Office Depot, Kinkos and most office supply centers.

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