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This is the homepage to lesson three. It is not the page containing the lesson plans. The lesson plans follow to the right of this link on the table from which you just came.

From this page you go to the schedule which best fits your student. Schedule A is designed on a primary level for those students who do not know the Alphabet by name and who do not know how to write.

Schedule B is designed on an intermediate level. It is planned for those who are able to write the Alphabet and who know the Alphabet by name or think they do.

You have had the previous instructions and lessons to help you decide.

Both schedules are planned for children and adults as students.

The schedule you choose for your student should not depend upon his or her age but should be determined by the ability or lack of ability to say the letter names of the Alphabet in sequential order, beginning with A and ending with Z.

Once you choose a schedule to follow you should stay with that schedule.

Follow the numbers in sequential order as they appear on the Table Menu.

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