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Shout out the sounds! Stand up and cheer when naming the classifications! Jump while spelling the letter combinations! Use every flash card!!!

Echo Songs

Take the flash cards and sing the sounds twice. First, imagine a canyon as the sounds are sung. Second, imagine the canyon walls are echoing the sound!

Hide the Alphabet Package

The flash cards are wrapped up in a package resembling a Christmas present. The supervisor and the student take turns hiding the package. When the package is found, the person discovering it says as many combinations as he can recall while spelling, sounding, and classifying each. At the end of the game, the student is given the present to open and orally review once again.

Howl and Yowl

The manipulatives (Alphabetic cut outs) are placed on a table and the student takes the letters and makes words. The supervisor makes howling and yowling sounds until a word is put together. If the completed word is not correct, then the howling does not stop. The supervisor may have to help form a word in order to stop yowling. Next, the student makes the sounds as the supervisor appears to struggle with forming a word. Occasionally the supervisor should make an error and allow the student to correct it.

Moan and Groan

Everything is the same as above with the following exception: Howling and yowling are replaced with moaning and groaning!

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