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DAY #3


Pick a Flower

The letters, same as above, are cut out and pasted upon construction paper flowers. This is prepared beforehand. When the sounds are heard, and repeated, the flowers are placed around a large paper vase. When all the flowers are arranged, they are glued in place.

Pick a Leaf

Digraphs, blends, and vowel combinations are copied. They are then placed on green paper that has been cut out in the shape of leaves and glued. Occasionally, genuine leaves may be preferred. The supervisor, or cassette tape, says the sounds in mixed up order and the student picks the proper leaf and puts it on a tree that has been cut out earlier. When all the leaves are arranged in correct order, they are glued to the tree.

Blind Man's Touch

The letters named above are cut out and pasted on cardboard. The student is blindfolded and the the letter combinations are in mixed order. The student reaches for a set, feels all around the cut outs, and guesses the sound and classification. (Digraphs, blends, or vowel combinations!)

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