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Prepare in advance!




Do not try to teach Step Two YOUR way unless you are already a teacher or under the supervision of a certified teacher. You may adapt the lessons to fit the time schedule of your classroom. Always prepare in advance of your student. Make sure that you understand what it is that you teach. Be sure that you know the sounds of all the letters or combinations you are responsible for communicating with each lesson. Follow the advice of your teachers and professors. One day you will be the one in charge, if you are not already. You will have control of your own classroom. But you may find that you don't remember the sounds and you are not sure how to teach Step Two even though the curriculum is in your hands. If that is the case, please contact one of your teachers for guidance or email us.

The table menu to follow is for teachers and supervisors under the direction of a certified teacher: You must follow each lesson exactly for it to benefit your student to his or her maximum ability. If you prepare in advance and study each lesson until you are sure, then you should be able to present the lessons of Step Two in excellence.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of these lessons because we are not there to teach Step Two's program to your students nor can we give you the same daily guidance that we could give you if we were with you, teaching you to teach. We can make it work with our years of expertise but we are not there. We offer Step Two to you with the understanding that we have placed this curriculum into your hands and you have agreed to take FULL responsibility of teaching its content.

If you have an accent then you must pay special attention to the sound of each part of the selected lessons and activities. Record your voice. Record the sound. Record your voice again. Listen to the recording and try to HEAR if there's any difference in the sound you say and the sound we make available to you. Ask others to listen and help you discern the difference. It is your responsibility but if you teach the wrong sound that is how your students will know it.

We have a friend whose home is overseas. She could not say the vowel sounds correctly. In fact, the sounds of short vowels were nothing like it should be. Yet, she wanted to teach her child. We gave her the tape of the vowel song set to the tune of Jingle Bells (as taught in Step One) and within days of singing that song to the tape, she was saying all the vowel sounds perfectly. And by waiting until she was sure, when she taught her child, she taught correct vowel sounds. You too can do it. Just be prepared in advance and be sure!

All of the Reinforcement, Extra Activities, Games, Reading Exercises, Dictation, Markings and Tests must be completed before your student takes the three final tests.

If you follow the lesson plans as written and do the additional exercises you will find your students should advance quite rapidly.

Please look over the whole table menu so that you know what's ahead and where to find everything. Then proceed to Lesson Plan One. Prepare in advance. Prepare in plenty of time. Prepare with your students in mind.

As you go through this course you will find certain words or parts of words capitalized for emphasis. You will also find the word "student" instead of "students'. That is because many teachers allow these plans, one page at a time, to be made available to their supervisors who may be working with only one student under restricted supervision. So whether the plans refer to student or students, they apply to you who are the teacher in charge and they are your reference point first.

Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.