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Have your student prepared with paper and pencil.

If your student doesn't write with pencil yet, then use crayon.

If your student doesn't write with crayon either, then make lowercase Alphabet letters on individual index cards. Make several copies of the letters that are repeated most often, especially the vowels. Then when you dictate letter sounds, your student should use the cards in proper order to form the letter combinations which you will say.

PREPARE FOR DICTATION! Make sure that you have gone over the following in advance. Your student cannot learn from you unless you know what you are teaching.


THE STUDENT WHO CANNOT YET WRITE SHOULD USE MANIPULATIVES TO MAKE THE WORDS.  i.e. Individual letters that have been cut out are put together in the form of a word, by laying the letters side by side!   Letters can be made from index cards as instructed in other lessons or they can be written on construction paper and cut out.

Dictate the following words, one word at a time.
Say each word clearly and slowly.
Give your student time to write or form the word.
Correct each word before going to the next.

cub pun gut cut cud mud bum pub bet az ox

fix sum dug up bus Kim Ken Dad sod Tim on

dud hum tug sub us gum rug mutt but Gus

rub mum bug hug nun bun gun hut jug

fun dub run jut nut mug pup rut nub lug cup

bud tut mom am wet us Ron tab bog pen tab

ten pad pod zap hit jig jot box Nan yet

get tag hit zip jig fed jot yet bib gob

Sid hat tax yen mix non hum cog jam rod sin

led sub lot jet tug cap ad kit lob pig dip hem

wag fox fib cop bop pan ten ton nix mix mum

sum mat pat let pet dug net Ben Mel red keg

net bad ram an ran rat lad mob hen wed not

peg mop win pop pit hip lit gag tan dim lap

Max bid yam bun bag tub Pam gap leg fog hop

sob wig pig pot hot cab in lip wax box gut

men map set pun wit dad hag cub did vet pet

pip pop hub van him sat hut log cot bed sax

bin tin tan ton on jag jug job God big sad

rob Kim rap kid hub sip fun lug Don ban

nix it fin not sap jab fog gas rim tap dig rut

rim bum fad kin fad yap


Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.