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Have your student prepared with paper and pencil.

If your student doesn't write with pencil yet, then use crayon.

If your student doesn't write with crayon either, then make lowercase Alphabet letters on individual index cards. Make several copies of the letters that are repeated most often, especially the vowels. Then when you dictate letter sounds, your student should use the cards in proper order to form the letter combinations which you will say.

PREPARE FOR DICTATION! Make sure that you have gone over the following in advance. Your student cannot learn from you unless you know what you are teaching.

The long sounds of Vowels should be dictated now as long vowel sounds only. Remember that the long sound of a vowel is the same sound as its name.

You will find the long sounds of the vowels in the following words.

You will find the long sound of a in the word cape.

You will find the long sound of e in the word Pete.

You will find the long sound of i in the word bite.

You will find the long sound of o in the word moan.

You will find the long sound of u in the word tube.

Say the following three letter sounds carefully. Each letter has one sound. Each vowel is a long vowel sound.


Say each three letter combination to your student as if they were words. You are beginning to blend consonants to vowel sounds. Next you will making words. Say each *pretend* word one at a time. Wait for your student to write the *pretend* word on his or her paper or wait for your student to form the words with the index card manipulatives if he or she is unable to write. When your student is finished, correct what he or she has written or formed before going to the next combination or word.


ba be bi bo bu
ca (ka) ce (se) ci (si) co (ko) cu (ku)
da de di do du
fa fe fi fo fu
ga ge (je) gi (ji) go gu
ha he hi ho hu
ja je ji jo ju
ka ke ki ko ku
la le li lo lu
ma me mi mo mu
na ne ni no nu
pa pe pi po pu
qua que qui quo quu
ra re ri ro ru
sa se si so su
ta te ti to tu
va ve vi vo vu
wa we wi wo wu
xa xe xi xo xu
ya ye yi yo yu
za ze zi zo zu

at an ad ag as ab ap am
el eg ed en es em et
ip id im ib ig it il in ix is
ot od ob ol og os op on ox om
ul un uf ud ut ug ub um up us uz


Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.