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SERIOUS PEOPLE KNOW that time is valuable!

Prepare your student to study. Remember which schedule he or she is following. LOOK BELOW for continued instructions, BUT FIRST here's a letter of importance!

The following is just one part of the many letters that are coming in. The "be nice" reference is referring to the story for the letter name Bb. When you read it, you will see what just one person has to say after a few short lessons:

"The girls are age 2 and 5. I realize that age two may seem young. However, this child has been able to follow the stories and identify Mama and baby letters. The older child could move at a faster pace, but I do not want to go too fast for the younger child....... I have been asking the older child to help her younger sister learn. This keeps her involved and makes her feel very important. She is a great assistant. I would like you to know that after three mini lessons, I have noticed changes in both girls' ability and interest to pronounce words. And it has increased their willingness to listen and obey (a nice fringe benefit). We are having fun together with the lesson plans you have created and it is giving us more quality time together. They especially liked the 'be nice to ______ and _______ will be nice to you'. "

If you chose schedule A you are on a program which is designed on a primary level for those students who are studying the Alphabet by name. You are helping your student to lay a necessary foundation. And next week you will begin to study the sounds. So be sure that this foundation is laid securely.

If you chose schedule B you are on a program which is designed on an intermediate level. Your student has had the opportunity to lay a foundation using the names and sounds of the Alphabet letters. Your student is learning to make application of the knowledge gained and will shortly be preparing to enter Step Two.

Please study the material for your lesson ahead of time.


It is very important that the students in schedule B follow the suggested plans very carefully!You are now studying the sounds and you will be amazed at what follows. Be ready! Be prepared! Don't skip! You are building a foundation. You want the foundation secure.

Yes, it is also important that the students in schedule A follow the suggested plans very carefully!You will begin the sounds in Lesson Nine.

The plans are looking a little different for some of you. Be sure to become familiar with their content and method of presentation. It is up to you to apply the content of the plans. You will need to take the necessary time and you will want to be able to concentrate in a quiet atmosphere conducive to good study habits.

When a person can read, the whole world opens up.

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