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Aa  (apple) (aim)
A is a cry baby who cries all the time: 
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  A is  the sound you make when a dog licks your face: aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Bb  (ball)
B can't quite say what he wants to say because he's always interrupted by the baby's crying: b b b b b b b !  (Sounds like bubbles bursting in thick boiling soup!)

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE;  Aa Bb  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     Why is the baby
crying?  AAAAAAAAAH!  (Look puzzled.)  Aaaaa-answer me!  (Scowl!) B bbb b bb bottle? 

Cc  (cat)  (city)
C is a copy cat letter.  He makes the sound of K: kkkkkkk!  C also copies the sound of S:  sssssss!

Dd  (dog)
D sounds like the touch of a drumstick to a drum:  dddddd!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Cc Dd  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     Make the sound of ks, ks, ddd, ks, ks, ddd, ks, ddd, ks!  It is the sound of an old man snoring, with flies buzzing around his head.  (At the sound of ddd, slap at the flies!)

Ee  (egg) (eat)
E is like an old man who needs a hearing aid and has difficulty understanding what was said to him:  Eh?

Ff  (fish)
F has the sound of an angry cat: fffffffff!

Gg  (girl) (gem)
G sounds like water coming from a full jug: 
(Feel this sound in the throat!) gggggggggg!
G can sound like J: Hear the stuttering giraffe in love with a stuttering giant.  (g g  gg giraffe and g g ggg giant!)

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Ee Ff Gg  (Dramatic play acting with sound effects!)     A football player is exercising:  eh, eh, eh!  (to the tune of Row Row your Boat--first line!)  F, F, F, F!  (Stomp your feet!)  J, j, j, j!  (Clap your hands!)  Yell "G-r-e-a-t!"

Hh  (hat)
H is the tired letter.  (Make a sigh!)  H is the panting letter.  A dog pants the h sound:  h, h, h, h, h, h, h, h!

Ii  (Inch) (item)
I is the sound a pig makes when he is seeking to find a way out of his pen:  (Make i sound like the i sound in the word pig!)  iiiiiiiiii!

Jj  (jump)
J is the sound made when a compressed spring releases:  jjjjjjjjjjjjjj!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Hh Ii Jj  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     It is Christmas time and a family is going by sleigh to Grandma's house.  The dog is running behind the sleigh.  He is panting:  h, h, h, h!  (He drools.  Make a face and say iiiiick!)  The children are singing to the tune of Jingle Bells:  j, j, j, j, j, j, jj, jjj!

Kk  (kite)
K is the sound of a cat coughing up a fish bone:  kkkkkkkk!

Ll  (lamp)
L is the sound of an  airplane motor heard in the distance:  (Cup or curl the tongue, touching the rough part of the roof of the mouth.)  llllllllllllll!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Kk Ll  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     Mommy will sing to Baby, but first she wants a kiss.  Give Mommy a kiss and she'll sing a lullaby:  (to
the tune of Lullaby and Good Night)  la la la, la la la...!

Mm  (moon)
M is the sound made when something smells good:  mmmmmmmm!

Nn  (nail)
N is the nasal sound.  Press the tongue firmly to the rough part of the roof of the mouth and force the air through the nose.  This sound cannot be made when holding the nose:  nnnnnnnnnnn!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Mm Nn  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     Johnny brought an old cow home: mmmmmmmmm!  (Low pitch!)  He wanted to bring it in the house: mmmmmmm!  (Low pitch!)  Mother said "Nnnnnnnnooooooooh!"  (Medium high pitch!)

Oo  (odd) (old)
O is the sound the doctor asks you to make when he wants to look at your throat:  ah!

Pp  (pig)
P is the pop corn popping sound:  ppp,  ppp,  ppp,  pppppp!

Qq  (queen)
Q needs u to make a sound.  Without u, q has no sound.  Together (qu) they sound like a duck learning to quack:  qu, qu, qu, qu!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Pp Qq  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     When Johnny couldn't keep the old cow, he went out and bought bubble gum.  He kept popping the gum all day long:  p p p p-o-p!    p p p   pppp-o-p!

Rr  (rabbit)
R has the sound of a car going down the highway:  rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Ss  (sun)
S has the sound of a car that is getting a flat tire, and the air is going out of it:  sssssssssss!
Tt  (top)
T sounds like the ticking of a small watch:  t, t, t, t, t, t!

Uu  (umbrella) (universe)
U is the sound a weight lifter makes when he lifts his weights high over his head:  uuuuuu!

Vv  (valentine)
V is the vacuum cleaner sound:  (teeth lightly touching just inside the lower lip) vvvvvvvv!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Oo Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     It is morning.  It is winter.  There is no heat.  It went off in the night.  R U (Are you) cold?  Yes, I am so cold!  It is ssssooooh cold in the house!  Turn on the TV to see what the weather man has to say.  It is ssssooooooh cold.  Turn on the Teeee Veeeee.  R U going to turn on the Teeeeee Veeeeeee?  Well, R U?

Ww  (wagon)
W is the sound of a rope whirling through the air:  wwwwww!

Xx  (box)
X has no sound of its own.  It copies the sound of two other letters: k and s.  It is the sound a can of pop makes when it is opened:  ks, ks, ks, ks

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  Ww Xx  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)  A dog is just waking up and he is beginning to bark:  wwww  wwww  www  ww  woof!  The dog sees a snake:  ksss  ksssss  kss  ksssssss!

Yy  (yo yo)
Y is the sound a dog makes, when running away hurt: y, y, y, y, y!

Zz  (zebra)
Z is the sound of a buzzing bee:  zzzzzzzz!

ADDITIONAL EXERCISE:  (Dramatic story with sound effects!)     Goofy Giggles is laughing: yuh yuh yuh yuh!  (Low pitch!)  He is laughing at the flies buzzing around his shoe:  zzzzzzzzzzzz!


Copyright 1997 by Bill and Janae Cooksey, All rights reserved. No part of this material may be published in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.